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Darci Steiner

Christian Speaker
Parker Colorado 80134

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See beauty beyond the thorns, because of Him.

See beauty beyond the thorns, because of Him.

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Parker, CO 80134
United States of America

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Castle Oaks Covenant Church
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More About Darci Steiner

Darci J. Steiner nearly lost her life in 2001. Now a speaker, author, nutritionist and media guest, she integrates Biblical and personal stories to inspire and infuse hope.


Darci J. Steiner has served in the ministry as a teen and women’s ministry leader, as well as assisted with church plants in Denver and Los Angeles. In 2001, Darci nearly lost her life after a debilitating fall. During her recovery, she earned her Master of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition and implemented natural remedies into her diet and lifestyle that helped save her life. 

When Darci became disabled a second time after a foot injury in 2018, she turned her focus toward ministry again by writing her debut book, Beauty Beyond the Thorns: Discovering Gifts in Suffering and its companion, Study Guide for Beauty Beyond the Thorns.

Darci and her husband have two adult daughters and one baby granddaughter. They live in Parker, Colorado.

Darci Steiner Recommendations

Submitted by Healing Conferences on Friday, Feb 09, 2024

Tonni Lea Larson Speaker

It is a pleasure to hear Darci Steiner speak. She gets your attention by her story of overcoming so many health issues and being able to stand up to speak. Her courage is contagious. Her knowledge of new natural remedies to help increase awareness is outstanding. How does she know all this? Because she has lived it, no greater witness than living proof. She speaks from her heart to yours

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Submitted by Living Your Ultimate Potential on Friday, Aug 18, 2023

Mycel Acquaah-Mensah

I’ll recommend Darci Steiner to any church, organization or group who will wants a spirit-filled and well seasoned speaker to speak at your women conferences, seminars, summits and retreat etc. she is the best person to invite. She is such a sweet, peaceful person who loves the Lord and desires to share Him with anyone who will want to listen and know more about Him.

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Darci Steiner Speaking Topics

Nutrition Basics

How many of us have learned how to eat well? Can you believe, hardly anyone? This class teaches the basics of how to eat! What do all the colors in fruits and veggies do for us? What...

Spousal Caregiving and Care Receiving to Strengthen Marriage

If you are married, at one time or another your spouse will need care from you, and you will surely also have to give care. My husband and I have had to lean the ins and outs of caregiving...

From Disabled to Nutritionist

We don't know what we don't know. Sometimes we stumble across something and realize, "Oh man, I wish I would have known this ten years ago!" I stumbled across a protein...

Finding Healing in Brokenness

I am disabled. I haven't been able to walk for three+ years. I'm not sure if I will ever walk again, but I will always walk with Him. All of us are broken from something, whether...

The Upside of Suffering

When Jesus preached his first recorded sermon, The Sermon on the Mount, he turned things upside down. He told the people who were listening that they were beautiful—the light...

Darci Steiner Events

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Darci Steiner Resources

Beauty Beyond the Thorns: Discovering Gifts in Suffering Audiobook

Pain and suffering in our lives do not equal a lack of love from God. Instead, they reveal, at the right time, a divine and perfect purpose packed with love. Are you searching for hope amidst a trial? Beauty Beyond the Thorns offers a transformative perspective on where it can be found. Darci weaves biblical stories with modern-day stories, including her arduous journey through chronic pain, to demonstrate how God can turn life’s unexpected curveballs into victorious home runs. This is a story about the upside of suffering. In Beauty Beyond the Thorns, you will learn: Suggestions...

Posted by Darci Steiner on 08/06/2022

Study Guide for Beauty Beyond the Thorns

Beauty Beyond the Thorns Study Guide: Discovering Gifts in Suffering is a companion to the book, Beauty Beyond the Thorns: Discovering Gifts in Suffering. In this study guide, you will be led to write about your journey of suffering so that you can find the beauty often hidden behind hardship. Each chapter draws information from the book, encouraging you to personalize its teachings so you not only read stories of healing, but you also experience personal healing. Study Guide for Beauty Beyond the Thorns: Discovering Gifts in Suffering is a study guide...

Posted by Darci Steiner on 08/06/2022

Beauty Beyond the Thorns: Discovering Gifts in Suffering

If you are experiencing a season of suffering, you will find hope, humor, and healing throughout the pages of Beauty Beyond the Thorns: Discovering Gifts in Suffering . Modern-day stories of suffering are paralleled with biblical accounts that will both enrich your understanding of the Bible and provide hope for your personal journey.  We all need healing, whether experiencing physical or emotional pain from the thorns of divorce, job loss, grief, addiction, disability, or financial troubles. When we follow Jesus, God offers us gifts such as joy, hope, compassion, and mercy to help us...

Posted by Darci Steiner on 10/30/2021