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Posted by: Darci Steiner on 10/30/2021

Finding Healing in Brokenness

I am disabled. I haven't been able to walk for three+ years. I'm not sure if I will ever walk again, but I will always walk with Him. All of us are broken from something, whether financial struggles, physical ailments, troubled relationships, grief from loss, or emotional trauma. I have survived disability twice and almost lost my life 20 years ago. God has brought me through and has shown himself to me in ways I never saw him when I didn't feel broken. He is present in the darkness. We are never alone. El Roi is with us. The Potter's wheel never stops working. We are being formed for a purpose—something hard to see until it's clear in hindsight. But we must trust him in the darkness, so that when the light shines again, we are fulfilling his purpose and not turning to our own ways again. Disability has taught me to face God and let him see for me. He knows where he's taking me, and he knows where he's taking you. He's bringing you from pain to purpose.

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