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Connecting Planners and Speakers

with Ease, Confidence & Excellent Outcomes Since 2002

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We Exist to Serve You!

We serve Christian Women's Ministry Leaders & Event Planners who are actively seeking Christian Women Speakers for Christian Women Conferences, Retreats & Other Women's Events!

What Planners Love Most

  • Easy to use, fast & fun (find your next speaker right now!)
  • Awesome, available speakers within driving distance (use the search map)
  • Efficient, effective & well-organized profiles (easy to search, easy to connect)
  • Consistent, credible & reliable website, speakers and connections (18-year track record)
  • Helpful, results-oriented, accessible 24x7 & free! 

How We're Unique

  1. The largest online directory of its kind the in world.
  2. A one-stop-shop for event planners and media hosts seeking speakers and guests from keynotes to panels.
  3. Direct connections without middlemen, delays or finding fees. 

Search Near You

The easiest way to find a speaker is by using the search map. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how many awesome speakers are available without the need for airfare and other travel expenses! If you need additional assistance, contact us!

Why We Don't Offer Speaker Calls

Long before it became "popular" to offer planners the opportunity to "invite" speakers to submit applications for their events, we did it. But, we discovered our planners preferred to select a few ideal candidates vs. being swamped by too many responses. Thus, we specialize in providing an apples-to-apples directory where it's easy for planners to search/contact ideal speakers quickly.  

Ongoing Free Training for You

Meet Founder/Director, Marnie Swedberg

Mentor, Marnie Swedberg, is a clarity and courage coach and consultant serving up perspective transformation to women worldwide through Marnie's Friends Talk Radio, her videos, books, songs, online programs, and live appearances. She inspires, equips and delights Christian women and seekers while collaborating with Women’s Ministry Event Planners and Christian Women Speakers here at www.WomenSpeakers.com. Marnie's hub is www.Marnie.com.

Connect Socially

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/mentormarnie
Radio Show: http://www.perspectivetransformation.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marnieswedberg/ 
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/mentormarnie/ 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mentormarnie/ 

How It All Began

Meet/Invite interviewer and Christian Speaker, Dr. Elizabeth Clamon, HERE.