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To qualify for this membership, you need to be able to honestly answer YES to the following questions:

  1.  I am a woman.
  2.  I am a Christian, meaning I have a personal, faith-based relationship with God through Christ.
  3.  I am actively involved in a local church (on the weekends I am in town).
  4.  I am a speaker or called to be a speaker.
  5.  I desire to be part of this group of godly women who are here to support each others' speaking ministries.

If all of the above describe you, your next step is to select which level to come in at. (You can always change later.)

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After registration, you'll be sent a link to schedule a 25-minute interview with site founder/director, Marnie Swedberg. She'll edit your profile with you, answer your questions, and get your profile published to public view ASAP.

Join today to increase your visibility and credibility, while skyrocketing your invite-ability!

"Today I received my third referral in three months, which is wonderful. Two used the online contact system and one called me directly. Whatever you are doing, it is working! Keep it up! Thanks, Marnie!" Veronica Joy Klepadlo 

"I am one of Marnie’s mentees, a speaking group member, and a listener to her training programs. Marnie’s help has been invaluable to my speaking goals and career. She has helped me with organizing my time and talents. She has encouraged me in so many ways. One particular situation involved etiquette: I panicked, but Marnie not only gave me council, she took the time to walk me through the different scenarios to help me trouble shoot them. I feel I have a friend in Marnie." Judith E. Eick aka Nelle Cooper

"As one of Marnie's speakers, I can honestly say that her relational approach to ministry, partnering with others, and genuinely taking a personal interest in each of the women she works with, has made a significant impact on my own ministry. She obviously takes great joy in helping others succeed in Christian life and ministry. Go team Jesus!" Marlene Lawson