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Welcome to the #1 online connecting place for Christian Women's Event Planners and speakers since 2002. If you have felt prompted to find extra support for getting your name in front of more planners... JOIN THIS COLLABORATION!

  • Has God called you to speak?
  • Did you say, "Yes!"? 
  • Have you been praying for openings?
  • Preparing messages of hope?
  • Taking training?
  • Asking for invites yourself and looking for more? 

The Christian Women's Speakers Directory is the collaborative effort of over 1400 speakers who are committed to helping Christian Women's Event Planners find God-honoring, Bible-based, Christian women speakers for all their women's ministry events.  

My name is Marnie Swedberg. I'm the founder and director of this ministry and have been speaking myself since 1996, when my first (of 14) books was released with St. Martin's Press, NY. My mission here is to help you get credible, visible, and bookable with the Women's Ministry Leaders and Event Coordinators who frequent this site but may otherwise never know about your availability. I invite you to...

Join Our Amazing Team of Christian Women Speakers!

To qualify for promotion via this site, you need to be able to honestly answer YES to the following questions:

  1. I am an adult woman.
  2. I am a Christian -- meaning I have a personal, faith-based relationship with God through Christ's life, death, and resurrection, as described in the Bible.
  3. I believe Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is the Word from the beginning, and the Bible is the inspired Word of God, alive, powerful and to be read, studied, memorized, meditated on and lived out through the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in me.
  4. I feel I am called by God to share messages based on biblical principles.
  5. I have at least one public link (a homepage or social media presence).
  6. There are people who have (or would) provide a recommendation for my life in Christ and/or my speaking ministry.
  7. I am actively involved in a local church (on the weekends I am in town).
  8. I agree that "the body of Christ" is designed to work together, as a team, instead of competing against one another.

If you choose to register below, the next step is that I will personally vet you based on your profile. I'll check out your website and social links, and we'll also have a short one-on-one meeting called an "intake interview." 

Please start with a FREE LEVEL listing. I'm including the different promotion levels below for your advance, prayerful consideration; but expect ZERO pressure to upgrade. During our chat, we'll decide together whether to publish and if so, at what level. Again, there will be no pressure, just an honest conversation about the pros and cons of each level. 

Free Listing




Free Listing. Everybody starts here. If/when you're ready, you may upgrade for more visibility.
Featured Monthly. Pause or Cancel Anytime. We Keep Track. 48 Investements to Lifetime Status  No Contracts. Come & Go. Total Investment $2399.
Featured Annual. 4 Investments to Lifetime.  Need Not Be Consecutive Years. Saves $400  No Contracts. Come & Go. Total Investment $1996.
Featured LifeTime* Status.
    1+Done. Saves $800  *LifeTime refers to the life of this ministry or your speaking ministry.

Limited Time Bonus:
30-minute Profile Optimization Assessment with Marnie

Limited Time Bonus:
2 Hours of One-on-One Speaker Coaching with Marnie (Value $400)

There are speaker's bureaus for the mega churches and stadiums, and the smallest churches usually use videos or their own gals. This Christian Women's Speakers Directory exists for all the middle-sized churches, parachurch ministries, summits, conferences, and even podcasts and media outlets. These groups need guest speakers but usually don't have the budget or audiences to attract the big names.

Of the 314,000 Christian churches in the USA (National Congregational Study Survey), we align best with those who define themselves as "evangelical." While our speakers are invited to present for churches, conferences, organizations, media outlets and even businesses of all sizes, our "sweet spot" is Christian churches with an average weekly attendance of 50-999--approximately 217,000  "evangelical" churches reaching an average of 50 million weekly attendees. These churches, along with para-church organizations, visit this site to find Christian women speakers for retreats, conferences, women's teas, moms groups, leadership training programs, ladies days, and more.

We'd love to share your speaking availability with the planners who frequent this site. Over the years, I've been delighted to notice that the speakers who are the most supportive of other speakers get the most speaking invites. God loves Body Life!


Judith Eick

"I am one of Marnie’s mentees, a speaking group member, and a listener to her training programs. Marnie’s help has been invaluable to my speaking goals and career. She has helped me with organizing my time and talents. She has encouraged me in so many ways. I feel I have a friend in Marnie."

Cheri Strange

"I'm always thankful for the opportunities that come through this helpful organization. I'm looking forward to being with a group in a couple weeks because of Marnie Swedberg and her diligence to help churches and groups locate the speakers they need for events. Groups ARE scheduling and speakers are available for IN PERSON and VIRTUAL events - so be sure to check it out!" 



Marlene Lawson

"As one of Marnie's speakers, I can honestly say that her relational approach to ministry, partnering with others, and genuinely taking a personal interest in each of the women she works with, has made a significant impact on my own ministry. She obviously takes great joy in helping others succeed in Christian life and ministry. Go team Jesus!" 



“I highly recommend WomenSpeakers.com for speakers who want to expand their influence and grow their skillset. Marnie Swedberg is a mentor with a servant’s heart toward the speakers on her website. From equipping us with webinars, providing tools to improve our ministries and cheering us on, www.WomenSpeakers.com is a great resource for speakers who might feel isolated as they pursue God’s calling on their lives.” 
Denise Pass
"Today I received my third referral in three months, which is wonderful. Two used the online contact system and one called me directly after finding me here. Whatever you are doing, it is working! Keep it up! Thanks, Marnie!" Veronica Joy Klepadlo

"This directory and your teachings have enabled me to get four new speaking engagements. Thank you so much for the encouragement, for promoting the Word of God and helping all of us to promote Him as well. To God be all the glory."
  Cherrilynn Bisbano

Personal Note from Planner/Speaker, Yvonne Conte

"I am a conference host who became a Featured Speaker with Christian Women Speakers Directory on 10/27/2015 and have received several referrals and speaking engagements. I’ve been associated with many speaker's bureaus for 30 years, but I had never had a personal phone call from any of them until last year. Marnie called me just to pray for me and for my business. It told me that she cared. I wasn’t just a number to her. It spoke volumes about her passion to help women speakers succeed, and her commitment to Jesus Christ."

"As a speaker, when connecting, collaborating, and community are on the top of your list, you want Marnie Swedberg on your team. My speaking career has not been the same since working with Marnie. The resources, relationships, and opportunities to reach more meeting planners has forged my speaking career full stem ahead. I highly recommend Marnie Swedberg to anyone interested in maximizing their speaking ministry."  RJ Jackson, The Courage Giver