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Regina Bartlett

Christian Speaker
West Greenwich Rhode Island 02817

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BIG BOP - Breath In Grace, Breath Out Praise.

BIG BOP - Breath In Grace, Breath Out Praise.

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West Greenwich, RI 02817
United States of America

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Christian Hill Community Church
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More About Regina Bartlett

Regina Bartlett is a wife, mom, writer, speaker, avid crafter and a lover of Jesus and tiny dogs. After 30 years of obesity, she lost over 200 pounds. She shares God-honoring talks and workshops to help women step into authenticity and grace. 


Audiences come to hear speaker Regina Bartlett to be inspired and transformed. She shares her story of thirty years of obesity and food abuse resulting in her topping the scales over 425 lbs. She decided to take the step to gain control over her weight with RNY Gastric Bypass. Regina goes from not being able to climb a single flight of stairs to running the NYC Marathon. Her physical and emotional transformation leaves audiences with renewed power over their lives, their businesses, and beyond! Utilizing 20 years of leadership development consulting combined with her personal struggles, Regina captivates audiences with stories, analogies, and anecdotes that drive action. 

After a childhood tragedy, she lost her faith in God and spend the next 20 years as an atheist. After attending a profound Easter play and accepting an invitation to church she accepted Christ and began a new life dedicated to Jesus. Her greatest joy is that even though she tried to leave God, she realized that He never once left her and now she dedicates her time using her gifts of speaking and encouragement to further His kingdom. 

Her platform surrounds understanding the intricacies of weight, how to love yourself to truly succeed, and how Sharing Your Ugly can lead to healing. Her knack for using humor and authentic connection makes people feel like they are the only one she is talking to – even in large groups. As a result, business professionals and teens alike learn how to see themselves in a gentler light and develop empathy for others in a way that inspires growth and advancement in their lives, schools. or careers. Regina brings her transformational message to corporations, associations, universities, high schools, and churches that want to inspire growth and change especially in the face of adversity or long-term stagnation. One thing all Regina ’s audiences have in common is that they leave with actionable strategies to ignite and activate their visions and inspired to take on new challenges with personal and professional growth!

Regina Bartlett Recommendations

Submitted by Church Of Christ Ministries on Wednesday, Mar 01, 2023

Amy Mayer

I had the pleasure of hearing Regina speak at Berea Women's Retreat about guilt and shame. She took a topic that was very sensitive, necessary, and timely and made it engaging with a strong message rooted in biblical truth. We laughed, cried, and gained so much insight. I would highly recommend Regina for your retreat or event.

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Regina Bartlett Speaking Topics

Sharing Your Ugly - Creating a Culture of Vulnerability

Have you ever wanted to share something vulnerable and thought twice about it for fear of judgement or just exposure? Do you feel that you can’t be open in your women’s...

8 Points of Dimensional Wellness

When people think of health or wellness they tend to think of only physical health. What is your weight? Your cholesterol? Do you walk enough? Overall wellness goes beyond just the...

Anxiety, Girls, & God

This session will dive into anxiety and pressures of being a girl or young woman in the world we live in today. We are inundated by visual images, social media,...

Well Within Reach: Breaking Free from Guilt and Shame

Guilt and shame are both powerful emotions. They are often used similarly but are quite different. This seminar will show the difference between guilt and shame and use two very familiar...

Writing Through Trauma: Tips for Post Traumatic Growth

Pain. Anxiety. Fear. Depression. What if the source of your greatest struggle became the key to your freedom? By taking steps to look inward – in your own time – you'll...

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Regina Bartlett Resources

Food, Sweat, & Fears

Thirty years of failed diets, quick fixes, and disappointment was changed by RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery and a significant change in perspective. Here’s a collection of stories about how one woman went from super morbidly obese to marathon finisher one blessing at a time. ...

Posted by Regina Bartlett on 02/27/2023