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Erin Campbell

Christian Speaker
Christian Woman Speaker at Water through the Word Ministries
Cincinnati Ohio 45224

Rated 5/5 (4 Recommendations)
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Contact Information

Name Water through the Word Ministries
Position Christian Woman Speaker
Online Social Profiles
Cincinnati, OH 45224
United States

Speaking Ministry Details

  • Salvation Date
  • 1993
  • Home Church
  • Montgomery Community Baptist Church
  • Relationship to Church
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  • Conferences, Retreats
  • Speaking Experience
  • Full Time (over 20 events per year)
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More About Erin Campbell

From Atheist to Christ Follower

As an atheist for 30 years, many tried to successfully debate Erin into faith with clever formulas, quick wit, guilt, and promises, but to no avail. Her salvation ultimately came when a street corner evangelist on Bourbon Street at 3:00am showed her something dramatically different than all the rest… [see link for complete story below]

How did the others miss the mark? 

We will examine how to successfully draw unbelievers to Jesus Christ. We will also identify the “hidden traps” that most Christians fall into, even with pure intentions, and learn how to navigate around them. Once these traps are removed, the world will know the Truth, and the Truth will set them free! 


 Erin fell madly in love with Jesus Christ in 1993 at the age of 30.   Having never been to church prior to her salvation, and growing up with unbelieving siblings, no one could have predicted this sudden, unplanned change.  But since her dramatic salvation, both her father and her mother, sister and brother have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ.  Erin says, "There is no greater witness for Christ than a changed life when there is no other explanation but God!"   

Erin was molested at the age of 7 and kept that dark secret hidden her entire life; drowning herself in alcohol and self-sabotaging behaviors.  She considered herself 'damaged goods' and never knew what true love was.  However, the Lord set her free and restored her to a purity she was never able to enjoy in her childhood through adulthood.  One month after her salvation, God brought Matt and Erin together to meet and become husband and wife.  They were married in December 1995 and have been growing in the Lord together for over 20 years.

Prior to her conversion, Erin earned a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science and Philosophy and built a career in corporate America, but all that changed when the Lord captured Erin's life -- she became what she dreaded the most as an atheist;  a beloved follower of Jesus Christ.  The moment Erin and Matt were married, things shifted in both their lives. They moved Erin's parents, both suffering with Alzheimer's Disease, into their home and cared for them until their passing.  This long process was the training ground for a ministry in Christ.  In 2003, Matt and Erin were called by God to willingly walk away from their lucrative jobs, sell their homes and all their investments, give away luxury vehicles, valuables, and other worldly attachments in order to turn their lives completely over as bondservants of Jesus Christ.  This radical departure from the way things were is a love story with Jesus that continues to grow deeper and deeper today.  

This is how the Lord did it...


As an infant believer in the faith, Matt encouraged Erin to attend with him at a local church in their new neighborhood. The pastor and his wife took them under their wing to disciple and encourage their faith.  Within the first month, Matt and Erin found themselves targets of hate from the church members, followed by false accusations and persecution.  This dreadful event was Erin's first experience with church attendance.   However, previous to this persecution, Erin had earnestly studied the Scriptures in search for the answers to the miraculous deliverance she experienced; living a lifetime as an "atheist alcoholic", then without warning, she became a new believer in Jesus Christ and completely free from her addictions.  Because of that deep study, Erin recognized immediately through the written words of her Lord in the Word, that she should view persecution is a blessing; "“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.  Rejoice and be glad!" [Matt. 5:11-12]   She KNEW was not a victim; she was a target and that is a place of honor. 

Over the course of three months following the cruel persecution, the Lord healed Erin's heart  with 120 Scriptures that plainly showed her what HE sees when HE looks at her- [no longer depending on man's opinions for her value and self-worth].   Erin was healed and found herself forgiving and blessing her persecutors.

God whispered a command to her heart, "Speak My Word."  

In obedience to God's command, Erin presented these 120 Scriptures that God healed her with to a Grammy winning composer.  Together, they produced a Scripture Medley CD entitled "Who Am I IN Christ"  -  [Spoken Scriptures with instrumental music] - to share with others who also find themselves at the receiving end of rejection, hate, and persecution for the faith.  

The ministry of Jesus Christ was birthed from a place of deep inner healing through the love and power of God's Word.


A small 1,000 watt radio station received a copy of the Scripture Medley CD and asked Erin to host a radio show to share the Word of God with others who are suffering in this world.  Erin declined. But over time, agreed under one condition, she could use the airtime to share the testimonies of others who have been set free by God through His love.  The next 10 years, Erin served the Lord sharing the Gospel in full-time broadcasting. Erin persevered through false starts with little or no money to pay for the airtime, but God’s hand was on the message with Water through the Word RADIO and eventually expanded the show to national syndication; reaching and audience of 23.7 million listeners nationwide and Canada with real-life testimonies.  Guests included:  Anne Graham Lotz, Christine Caine, Joyce Meyer, Pricilla Shirer, Carol Kent, Comedian Chonda Pierce, Actor Stephen Baldwin, Supermodel Kim Alexis, and Jennifer O’Neal;  Best-Selling Authors Liz Curtis Higgs, Laurie Beth Jones, etc. Recording Artists Ginny Owens, etc. and many others.   


As a result of the radio broadcast, Erin was invited to share her own story publicly - "How to successfully lead an atheist to Jesus Christ".  What started out as a testimony has since become a full-time ministry leading women's conferences and weekend retreats.  Erin traveled extensively, presenting at national conferences and weekend women's retreats, averaging over 90 events per year bringing audiences to laughter and to tears. Erin’s desire is to see women transformed from feelings of inadequacy and insignificance to lives of confidence and influence through the Truths of God’s Word – Living IN Christ. Erin has been asked to share the platform with many Bible teachers throughout the years, including being invited by Beth Moore at her recent Living Proof LIVE conferences and telecasts.


When invitations to speak started to roll in, Erin initially turned them down in order to enter into a season of intense study.  She began studying the Bible, spending up to 12 hours per day for months on end, studying every book in the Old and New Testament, understanding doctrine, church history, Biblical history and culture, etc.  Erin then accepted invitations to share what she was learning and it all took off from there.  Erin has written, taught, and recorded dozens of Deeper Living Series.  Her messages draw deeply from her personal struggles in life along with her ultimate freedom, and now teaches how all believers partake in the insatiable love of the Lord.  She encourages her audiences to recapture the radiant wonder of the Lord Jesus Christ through both the living Word and written Word of God.

  • Hidden Agendas: Boldly Facing Life’s Hidden Traps 
  • Forbidden Fruit: Taking the Bite out of Temptation 
  • Authentic Faith: Dealing with Life’s Difficulties 
  • Radically Undone: Discovering the Beauty of Living IN Christ 
  • Becoming a Woman of Contentment: A Weekend Retreat 
  • Power of Prayer: Conquering the Power of Temptation
  • Fearless Faith: An 8-week Journey into the Will of God 
  • Rules of Engagement: Preparing our Faith for the Days Ahead 
  • Eye of Deception: Exposing the Hidden Traps, Counterfeit Power, and Manipulations that Sabotage our Faith
  • New Discipleship Series [currently being written];
    • Preparing the Bride of Christ
    • Preparing the Ambassador of Christ
    • Preparing the Soldier of Christ
    • Preparing the Bondslave of Christ
  • And many others


Because of the dramatic nature of Erin's testimony; “From Atheist to Christ Follower”, Erin’s story has been featured on television, radio, and in many published articles, including Billy Graham’s Decision Magazine. 

Watch CBN 700 Club television reenactment 

Read Billy Graham's Decision Magazine article  


in 2015, Erin and Matt, along with faithful directors and friends, opened a new 13,700 sq ft ECM Center for Biblical Studies in Cincinnati, Ohio to facilitate Deeper Livingtm discipleship and Bible classes, prayer, worship concerts, special events, and much more.  

Erin’s husband, Matt, leads this ministry as Chairman for ECM Ministries and supports every function of this ministry along with full-time Directors and over 100 ministry Angels and Ambassadors, who are all equally committed to growing men and women in Christ. Matt often travels with Erin to conferences and retreats and is a favorite addition at every event with his "I'm Sorry" message [recently presented at Beth Moore's event in Alaska].   Erin and Matt are best friends, have two grown children and two grandchildren: Elijah and Ivy.  


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Erin Campbell Recommendations

Submitted by Attendee on Monday, Jan 21, 2019

Carol Lucio

Erin's in-depth teaching straight from the Bible cannot be compared to any other. You must have nimble fingers to follow along flipping back-and-forth connecting scripture. She's a teacher unlike any other.

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

Submitted by Montgomery Community Baptist Church on Thursday, Oct 29, 2015

Dr. Tom Lipsey, Senior Pastor

Please allow me the privilege of recommending the person and ministry of Erin Campbell. I have had the honor of being a friend to and pastor of Erin for two years and also the chance to see her up close. Erin is a women full of the Spirit with a deep passion and desire to help others (especially women) come to know their place and position as inheritors of God's promises. She is one who practices what she preaches and exercises a very Christ like attitude. Upon hearing her teach, I am also blessed to sit under her ministry. Hers is a ministry and presence of proclaimation. I strongly commend her and recommend her to you.

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

Submitted by Equiping Ministries International on Thursday, Oct 29, 2015

Dorothy F. Geverdt, Retired Instructor

I know Erin Campbell as a young woman of purpose and drive to know God intimately through immersing herself His Word, and reading the lives of great Christians. I have watched with joy over the years, as a relatively new believer has developed into a woman after God s own heart. Erin's dedication to studying and memorizing great portions of scripture presents a consistent challenge to me as it does to others who know her. God's truth speaks as she threads remarkable amounts of scripture throughout a message. Her humility, genuineness, sensitivity and keen discernment, enable her to minister to the deep hearts of women, and her enviable professional polish becomes an after-thought as she exudes the abundant personal warmth and joy of Jesus Christ. This young woman's abilities are genuine gifts from the Heavenly Father she adores and Whose glory she most desires to display. It is a sincere honor to recommend Erin as a speaker.

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

Submitted by Aglow on Thursday, Oct 29, 2015

Linda Werner, Aglow Jail Chaplain

I know Erin Campbell as a wonderful woman of God and excellent communicator. I have been a Jail Chaplain for nineteen years and Erin became involved almost four years ago. I've watched her grow in the Word as she taught the women at the Justice Center. I would describe her as a strong woman with a soft heart. She blends her life experiences with the compassion of the Lord, and the end result leaves a big imprint in the lives of those that hear it. She is a woman of integrity and a woman with a great sense of humor. I'm proud to say she's my friend!

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

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