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Cheri Strange

Christian Speaker
Christian Woman Speaker at She Yearns
Houston Texas 77586

Rated 5/5 (3 Recommendations)
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Stirring desire for God into everyday life... at

Stirring desire for God into everyday life... at

Contact Information

Name She Yearns
Position Christian Woman Speaker
Online Social Profiles
Houston, TX 77586
United States of America

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  • 1975
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  • Bay Area Church
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More About Cheri Strange

Hey there! Welcome to my Speaker Information Page. You will find that I offer a wide variety of topics from which you can select. The easiest places to access these are on the YouVersion App and my podcasts. Helping you best meet the ministry needs of the women under your care is my priority. Events are a lot of work, requiring oodles of prayer and preparation before you even get to a speaker. Now that you are here, I'd love to visit with you about what you are wanting to accomplish and see how we can get there together. Below you will find my professional bio. Feel free to contact me and let me know how I can make your event a success with long-lasting fruit. 

Currently, we are all finding ourselves needing to meet the needs of women differently. I would love to help you with an ON-LINE SOLUTION if that would help you further the ministry with the message of the Gospel. 

As a speaker, writer, podcaster, and blogger through She Yearns Ministries, Cheri Strange encourages women to live lives that display a yearning and desire for God in everything they do and say. She writes regularly for, or the YouVersion Bible App, with 500,000 subscribers. Cheri is the founder of She Yearns Ministries and holds a Ph.D. from Baylor University in Educational Psychology.

Dr. Strange is the author of Life Principles for Living Out the Greatest Commandment, with AMG Publishers. She has also published prayer journals, available at your favorite online retailers, like Amazon and Barnes and Noble

In addition to ministry responsibilities, Cheri and her husband, Chad, of more than twenty-five years are raising eight children, two of whom are biological, and six are adopted internationally. She understands the tension of trying to fulfill the simultaneous calling to minister effectively as well as mother exceptionally. She feels the demands for rushing through the parenting years, barely able to eat sitting down. Cheri is familiar with the challenges thrust upon parents of healthy as well as unhealthy children; and above-average children as well as those with special needs. Believing that God never calls us to half-hearted pursuit or sets us up for failure, Cheri strives to relate her expertise as well as her experiences to teach and encourage others to live out their God-given roles in ways that exceed ordinary. 

Currently, Cheri and her family reside in the Houston area. Contact Cheri today!

Cheri Strange Recommendations

Submitted by CLASS Seminars on Friday, Jan 07, 2022

Betty Southard, CLASS Faculty

God has called Cheri Strange to speak. She brings a depth and expertise that we need.

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

Submitted by Crestview Baptist Church on Thursday, Mar 19, 2020

Bonnie Bailey, Event Planner

The ladies loved her! Cheri's delivery was humorous and Biblically based. Our event was a huge success

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

Submitted by Proverbs 31 Ministries on Monday, Nov 02, 2015

Sharon Glasgow, Proverbs 31 Faculty

Cheri's style and personality are so inviting that she is able to touch everyone in the room

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended


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Cheri Strange Speaking Topics

Finding Momentum for a New Day

Finding Momentum for a New Day(1 session)Feeling stuck? We know the feeling. Disappointments, problems that linger, and other confining obstacles leave us with life circling on a perpetual...

(Un)Seen: No Longer Invisible

Do you ever feel overlooked, ignored, or replaceable? if you didn't show up to an event would anyone notice? Regardless of age, status, or background, we often share this sense...

How to Stir Up Your Faith

For the one who keeps fighting against discouragement, disappointments, and all sorts of derailments of faith--- let this event be an encouragement. Hear what the Bible offers through...

How to Live Out Your Legacy

Want your time on this planet to impact more than just your dog and your mom? What kind of life leaves a meaningful mark? What character does it require? What are we shooting for?...

How to Turn Around Doubt

Too often you and I find ourselves worrying. Over-analyzing. Agonizing over mental dramas we have played out in our minds. Before long, we can end up doubting the fundamentals of our...

Unleash Your Brave

Brave is not a word that typically characterizes most of us. But often the life God calls us to requires more strength and more courageous than we think have. When we would be satisfied...

Find Your Gutsy: A Girl's Guide to Shining for Christ

We all know that a city on a hill cannot be hidden; and that we are to shine before others that they may glorify God. But let's be honest. Sometimes that's easier said than...

Becoming the Zebra

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling alone in a crowded room, especially if we take seriously the Word of God. You just think and act differently–as if you are a lone zebra in the...

The Fight for Radiance

Join the fight for radiance. In Scripture we learn that we are to be joyful always (1 Thess. 5:16). Why then does Paul ask, “What has happened to all of your joy?”...


Do you ever feel like you’ve been in the same spiritual place far too long? Are you living a life that eternally impacts those around you? Do you have a deep desire for your life...

Increase Your Bloom-Ability

Ever feel like you just can’t be who God wants you to be? The Bible is clear: if you are still breathing, God has a plan for your life “to bear much fruit” (John 15:8). Abundant...

Refreshment for a Woman's Soul

Do you find yourself weary, worn out and stressed? Jesus understands our need and invites us to come to Him. Cheri unpacks what it looks like Biblically and practically to rest, be...

Responding to LOVE

What if God’s call to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength is not simply a demand from a dogmatic deity–but an appropriate response to a God who loves the unloveable,...

Unflinching Faith

Have you ever been in an impossible situation? There was no plausible solution outside of divine intervention? These seem to be favorite set-ups for God. We see them all throughout...

Cheri Strange Events

$140 - $175
Come Away with Me
Come Away with Me
09/30/2022 15:00 PM

Come Away with Me  " Come away with me. Let us go alone to a quiet place and rest for a  while.... View More

Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa, and Convention Center

Cheri Strange Resources

Journal for Waiting Well

The question is not, "Are we going to have to wait?" but rather, "How are we going to wait?" No matter how the details in our lives vary from one another, all of us wait. But one thing is sure. There is a path to waiting well and journaling helps us get there patiently, expectantly, ready for what God has for the next steps in our lives. This three-month journal centers on a different verse each week and provides encouraging quotes, space to record your reflections of your journey, and room to note God's movements in your prayers and through Scripture in your waiting....

Posted by Cheri Strange on 01/28/2020

Resting Well YouVersion Plan Over 27,000 Completions (additional audio files)

Over 27,000 people have finished this plan on the YouVersion Bible App.  When was the last time you felt well-rested? Can’t think of one? That’s because most of us suffer from fatigue and insufficient sleep! But this is not what God intends for your life. The Bible speaks even to our need for rest. Cheri Strange examines this biblical need, the cost of not resting, and provides strategies to implement into your daily life for learning to rest well in Christ.   ...

Posted by Cheri Strange on 01/08/2019

YouVersion 12-Day Reading Plan: How to Adopt Without Ruining Your Family

Over 7,000 people have participated in this plan on the YouVersion Bible App. If you’re thinking about adoption, one of the greatest fears is not knowing how it will impact your family. For those already participating, learning to navigate the dynamics adoption adds without your family imploding remains on the mental front burner. Having two biological and six adopted children, I understand. You can navigate adoption without ruining your family. The endeavor can be priceless. This reading plan is different than most others I write, as it is so personal. In this twelve day plan, I have...

Posted by Cheri Strange on 04/25/2017

You Version 7-Day Reading Plan: The Fight for Radiance

Over 23,000 people have completed this reading plan on the YouVersion Bible App. Is it wrong to want to be radiant? What if the desire isn’t simply a sinful quest of vanity, but a God-instilled hunger to reflect His definition of beauty: joy in God. Could people recognize your joy by gazing into your face? Or has your joy gone missing? In this seven day plan, discover how your joy can be restored, even in difficult situations, by learning to fight for radiance. This plan is available in four languages!  ...

Posted by Cheri Strange on 04/25/2017

Increase Your Bloom Ability: YouVersion Plan over 68,000 people have completed this plan!

Over 68,000 people have completed this reading plan on the YouVersion Bible App. We want lives that bear fruit. From making lasting impacts in the lives of those closest to us, to touching those in the furthest reaches of our spheres of influence, a longing—not just for some fruit, but for lives that bear abundant fruit persists. Is this just narcissism or God-given desire? Discover God’s longing for you and how you can increase your bloom ability in this 5-day reading plan.  ...

Posted by Cheri Strange on 04/22/2017

A Prayer Journal for Responding to LOVE

Do you know how to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength on a daily basis? Is it even a possibility? Most of us don't realize loving God with all that we are is simply responding to a God who loved you and me before we could love Him in return. This  Prayer Journal for Responding to LOVE  takes Scripture, powerful quotes, and helpful tips to guide you in learning how to love God with everything you are as a  response  to His love toward you. Using these resources, as well as self-assessments and recaps of lessons examined through a video series by the...

Posted by Cheri Strange on 04/22/2017

Waiting Well: YouVersion Plan Over 157,000 People have Finished this Plan

Over 157,000 People have finished this free plan on the YouVersion Bible app. We don’t like to wait. From standing in line at the grocery store to anticipating God to move in our situation, each of us is familiar with the dreaded experience. The question then is not, “Are we going to wait,” but rather, “HOW are we going to wait?” Discover today how to avoid emotional fits of impatience and doubt, and develop a biblical strategy for waiting well. ...

Posted by Cheri Strange on 01/06/2016

YouVersion 10-Day Reading Plan: Life Principles for Living Out the Greatest Commandment

Over 16,000 People have completed this plan on the YouVersion Bible App. You have heard the Greatest Commandment time and time again. But what does it look like to love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength? In this ten-day plan, you will discover obedience to this commandment is simply an appropriate response to a God who loves you before you can love Him back. Each day includes scripture, an excerpt from Cheri's eight-week study, and a video devotional. ...

Posted by Cheri Strange on 01/06/2016

Life Principles for Living Out the Greatest Commandment , Participant's Guide

This guide enhances the 8-week Bible study, Life Principles for Living Out the Greatest Commandment, written by Cheri Strange and published with AMG Publishers. In addition to providing viewers guides for the six session video series that accompanies the study, the reader will find sample schedules, ideas for leading the study with a group, how to add a painting dimension to the study, and much more. ...

Posted by Cheri Strange on 01/06/2016

Life Principles for Living Out the Greatest Commandment DVD

This DVD series consists of six additional teaching sessions with Cheri that accompany the eight week published AMG.  ...

Posted by Cheri Strange on 01/06/2016

Life Principles for Living Out the Greatest Commandment AMG Pub.

Life Principles for Living out the Greatest Commandment  is written for the one who wants to know how to love God completely. Too often this high calling sounds exceedingly difficult for the average believer. Settling for mediocrity in Christ and half-hearted devotion, instead, is the standard. In this eight-week study women discover obedience to the Greatest Commandment is not an impossible feat, but a natural response to a God who loves the unlovable, the unfaithful, the mistake-laden, and the average halfhearted pursuer. Participants learn to discern differences between simply loving...

Posted by Cheri Strange on 01/06/2016

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