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Darci Steiner Recommendations

Submitted by Healing Conferences on 02/09/2024

Tonni Lea Larson Speaker

On Topic

It is a pleasure to hear Darci Steiner speak. She gets your attention by her story of overcoming so many health issues and being able to stand up to speak. Her courage is contagious. Her knowledge of new natural remedies to help increase awareness is outstanding. How does she know all this? Because she has lived it, no greater witness than living proof. She speaks from her heart to yours

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Mycel Acquaah-Mensah

I’ll recommend Darci Steiner to any church, organization or group who will wants a spirit-filled and well seasoned speaker to speak at your women conferences, seminars, summits and retreat etc. she is the best person to invite. She is such a sweet, peaceful person who loves the Lord and desires to share Him with anyone who will want to listen and know more about Him.

Submitted by Living Your Ultimate Potential on 08/18/2023