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Posted by: Darci Steiner on 10/31/2021

Spousal Caregiving and Care Receiving to Strengthen Marriage

If you are married, at one time or another your spouse will need care from you, and you will surely also have to give care. My husband and I have had to lean the ins and outs of caregiving and care receiving. Steiner X2 is what we call our duo speaking gigs. We love to help other married couples learn how to care for one another in loving, creative, compassionate, and romantic ways. When one spouse is hurting, what can the other do to support? How does one receive care without persistent guilt? If one spouse is in need of care for a longer period of time, how can you keep your relationship strong and intimate? Do you need creative date ideas? Mark has worked hard at taking me out, even though I can't "go out" much. I am disabled. He is able bodied. But we are one. God has called both of us to be on this journey together—not just me. Mark has learned to sacrifice with joy and I have learned to receive his love. It seems lopsided, and it kind of is, but isn't our love for God in relation to His for us? We both have learned so much about God through each of our roles through our trials. We are closer to Him and to each other because of my disability. What a beautiful gift He has given to us!

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