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Peggy Park

Christian Speaker
Lexington Kentucky 40502

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Position Christian Woman Speaker
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Lexington, KY 40502
United States of America

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Tates Creek Christian
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More About Peggy Park

Peggy Park is a Christian speaker from Lexington, KY. She speaks regionally, nationally, and internationally. Peggy is the author of numerous published articles as well as the book, The Power of the Lamb’s Blood. Her 20 discipleship brochures are distributed across denominational and racial lines on a regional, national, and international level. She nursed critical cancer patients for nine years. Life experiences, along with growing up on a cotton farm in Mississippi, provide a wealth of illustrations for her dynamic, informative, speaking topics. One consistent principle woven through all of Peggy’s writing and speaking is practical application of sometimes difficult biblical principles. She emphasizes how to walk through the challenges all believers face as we experience the joys and blessings found in being obedient. She has tailored topics to help us face the challenging times we are living in today.

The Mystery of Prayer

Explores questions many believers have regarding prayer.  Addresses types of answers  such as Instant, Amazing, No, and Delayed Answers. The Scriptural focus is Rev. 5:8b which reveals there is a golden bowl in heaven that holds prayers. This offers comfort for those who are still waiting, sometimes for years, for answers. Beautiful golden bowl visual. 45 minutes

Psalm 91

This is a teaching that needs to be in every believer’s spiritual tool. It has powerful promises for the perilous days we live in. The passage is full of assurances of God’s protection and watch care over those who have learned to abide in the secret place.

We look at the 7 benefits along with a fun visual of the challenges we face in believing what the Lord has promised. 45–60 minutes

Faith/The Circle of Faith

Peggy explores the mystery of faith. What is faith? How do we get faith? How do we use faith? A visual, “The Circle of Faith” offers a practical understanding of how faith works in the life of a believer.  Concludes with a fun demonstration of how Satan tries to pull us off the word of scripture. 45-60 minutes

Pursuing Peace in a Chaotic World

Explores ways to hold onto the peace we are promised as believers when the world is in such turmoil. Explores challenges to our peace and practical ways that Peggy has found to appropriate this peace. 45 minutes

Peggy Park Recommendations

Submitted by NorthEast Christian Church on Wednesday, Nov 01, 2023

Patricia Rohach, Women's Ministry Director

Peggy did a great job. Connected with our ladies in a creative and concise manner.

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Peggy Park Speaking Topics

Faith/The Circle of Faith

Peggy explores the mystery of faith. What is faith? How do we get faith? How do we use faith? Share an insight into what Peggy calls the “Circle of Faith” which offers a practical...

Posted by Peggy Park on 08/29/2016

The Mystery God Placed Within Blood

A clear, concise Biblical overview of the importance God places on blood throughout Scripture. You will discover how to stand in the victory won at the cross, the benefits of the blood...

Posted by Peggy Park on 08/29/2016

Protection/Power of the 91st Psalm

Explores 3 keys for appropriation of the powerful promises given in the 91st. Psalm. An in-depth look at the 7 benefits for the believer who uses the keys. Inspiring real life illustrations....

Doorways to Sin

Peggy uses the three temptations Jesus faced in the wilderness as a pattern for identifying the temptations that confront you. You will learn how to name areas of attack thus helping...

Posted by Peggy Park on 08/29/2016

Sneaky Foxes (Mother/Daughter Program)

Unique, eye catching presentation using a large stuffed fox as a visual. Peggy identifies and explores the foxes (Song of Solomon 2:15) that come along and try to eat the fruit of...

Posted by Peggy Park on 08/29/2016

Unshackled, Chains That Bind

Explores seven basic truths that enable us to experience true freedom. Powerful visual and stories of chains that bind and cause us to live defeated lives. 45-60 minutes...

Posted by Peggy Park on 11/02/2015

Can You Believe She Did That to Me?

Do you wonder whether some of your relationships are overly dependent? Are your friends helping or hurting you? Peggy explores the importance of healthy boundaries in friendships...

Posted by Peggy Park on 11/02/2015

A Woman at Peace

Peggy addresses the three key factors for experiencing peace in day-to-day life. You will learn how important it is to deal with the past, set your mind in the present, and press on...

Posted by Peggy Park on 11/02/2015

Hindrances to Friendship With God

This session explores eight specific divisional walls and how to guard your relationship with the Heavenly Father. Learn how to identify and eliminate barriers that block God’s presence....

Posted by Peggy Park on 11/02/2015

The Fountain That Was Opened At Calvary

Compares a huge cascading fountain in the natural with the fountain of salvation (water and blood) that was spoken of in Zechariah 13:1. 45-60 minutes...

Posted by Peggy Park on 11/02/2015

Peggy Park Events

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Peggy Park Resources

Grandmothers Journal

Reach your beloved grandchildren by sharing prayers, good intentions, and love into words to cement their reality. Record them into a journal to remind your grandchildren how precious they are to you. Let this journal lead you to unfold the love you have for them. ...

Posted by Peggy Park on 07/09/2018

The Power of the Lamb's Blood

One of the greatest mysteries of the Christian faith is the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus and its vital role in our salvation. Now through this in-depth study on the blood of The Lamb, we discover just how deep the blood flows and how it affects every area of our lives. Within these pages you will discover: • Powerful testimonies of proclaiming the blood • How to stand in the victory won at the cross • The benefits of the blood covenant • Blood covering for the Christian’s hearing, walk, and ministry • The power of the blood over Satan • Protection for the mind...

Posted by Peggy Park on 08/29/2016


Unshackled shares thrilling true account of those who have overcome addictions, defeating attitudes, and destructive behaviors. These people have experienced a transformation process through the power of one who declared that He came to set the captive free. Freedom awaits all who suffer from the chains that bind us....

Posted by Peggy Park on 08/29/2016