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Posted by: Darci Steiner on 10/30/2021

From Disabled to Nutritionist

We don't know what we don't know. Sometimes we stumble across something and realize, "Oh man, I wish I would have known this ten years ago!" I stumbled across a protein shake recipe that saved my life. While bedridden and wheelchair bound I studied for my Master's Degree in Holistic Nutrition. I was my case study and first client. Good food helped change my prognosis from probable death to private practice. I have been practicing as a nutrition counselor since 2008. I work with clients for a plethora of reasons including weight loss, weight gain, disordered eating, diabetes, general health, heart health, sports nutrition, and healthy kids. Good foods can help heal the body and mind. I teach other holistic practices including mindfulness, visualization, deep breathing, meditation, journaling, prayer, etc. I am recovering again after 3+ years of not walking after incurring an injury at my daughter's wedding. But as I'm improving, it's holistic remedies that are healing me most. We can change our future with a little information and taking action now. Prevention is the best kind of health care!


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