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Catie Craig

Christian Speaker
1001 Fresh Starts
Palmer Alaska 99645

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If You Can Dream It, You CAN Do It!

If You Can Dream It, You CAN Do It!

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Name 1001 Fresh Starts
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Palmer, AK 99645
United States of America

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More About Catie Craig

E-Speaker, Catie J Craig inspires women, helping the stuck to get started again. She's an Educator, Author,  Evangelist, Master Certified Life Coach, as well as a cancer and abuse survivor. 


Educator, Evangelist, Devoted Pro-Life advocate, Avid Entrepreneur, Master Certified Life Coach, Perpetual Learner, and Author, CatieJ has an AA in PR and Human Services, and is currently seeking her B.A. in Psychology and her Certificate in Intercultural Missions.

Simply put, Catie's goal is to inspire, and to help the “stuck” to get “started” again. Her favorite listeners are those who have either forgotten how, or lost their motivation. 

Catie has the ability to identify with, and to speak to those struggling to rebuild after a crisis, and this strength is central to what drives her. “Jesus came,” she says, “not to the successful, but the downtrodden – the oppressed, the broken, demoralized, beaten up, and exploited among us. I can raise my hand as one of these. It is my brokenness that drives me to Him…” 

She is no stranger to depression, health breakdowns, crushed dreams, and dashed hopes, just like the 30+ generations captured and portrayed in her 526 page novel, “The Golden Thread.” 

“The stories of the Old Testament, centered on the lineage of Christ intrigued me, I felt moved to write about them,” CatieJ says. “If I want to know about who God is, what He is like, all I have to do is watch Him interact with those Old Testament folks.” 

CatieJ has also experienced physical and narcissistic abuse, and as a cancer survivor, she is a firm believer that “starting over” isn’t a one-time, but a sequence of being knocked down and getting back up, finding faith in God and learning to love people - again. 

From this tenacious perspective, and as an Evangelist, she has authored an e-book of Testimonials, victorious first-hand stories of pastors, leaders and laypeople. has also written, under a pseudonym, a he said-she said account of a Christian couple struggling with abuse issues, titled, "The Marriage That Almost Wasn't." 

After E-speaking and presenting to both secular and Christian audiences, in various venues, Catie is versatile and flexible, able to encourage and motivate the down-and-out, or educate those on top of their game. 

Along with kayaking, racquetball, glass blowing, sketching, and other hobbies, Catie pursues her biggest passion – encouraging others to DREAM, and to dream big. “God says, ‘Call to Me and I will show you GREAT and MIGHTY things,'” she says, and then, with a knowing smile, adds, “He has.” 

As a mother of 4 talented and enterprising young adults, and Grandmother of 15 grandchildren ranging from 3 months to 27 years-old, Catie takes family seriously. 

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Submitted by Life Changers Legacy on Thursday, Nov 03, 2022

Paul Drew & Manager

She is amazing and I would recommend anyone to her!

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Catie Craig Speaking Topics

I might be 65 and on Medicare, but I'm 33 inside!

What is "OLD?"""OLD" is a number; age is a perspective!" Catie says. Mother of 4 amazing kids and grandmother of 15 talented and beloved grandchildren...

How to get a fresh start after a breakup / divorce

With 41% of 1st marriages, 60% of 2nd marriages, and a whopping 73% of 3rd marriages ending, according to Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, scores of people are looking for answers for how...

The Tidalwave of Trauma -Tips and Tricks To Turn Things Around

Trauma is today's buzzword.Is it a wonder that this is so? Catastrophic events, global pandemics, the "new normal" outcomes - altering our lives at every level, a chaotic...

Narcissistic Abuse

Catie has first-hand experience with the throes of abuse, yet the exhilaration of escaping and rebuilding one's life - that is, the starting over process. That is why she began...

Roe vs. Wade - The Beginning of an Era

Catie presents the dual topics of pro choice vs. pro life in such a way that women will feel heard and understood - from both sides of the discussion. She believes that building on...

Catie Craig Events

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Catie Craig Resources

The Story of Technology - a different perspective.

Catie had an aha. She went home after a meeting to follow up on her hunch to develop it a bit further. The timeline of technological developments began to make more sense...   Watch her put it altogether and see what she came up with... Catie J Craig   Website:  http://www.1001freshstarts.com ...

Posted by Catie Craig on 01/19/2022

Highest and Best

A number of years ago, I knew a man who bore a striking resemblance to Mr. Miyagi on the hit movie, “The Karate Kid.” 92 year old Bob Hissamoto, half-Japanese samurai warrior, had once worked with Albert Einstein on his formulas, was also a Yale and Harvard Professor, details that hardly anyone knew.  He was just "Bob."  Shortly before he passed away in 2002, Bob and I were spending a bit of time together. I had just made a self-depreciating comment, and he reacted. Bob clamped his hand to my wrist, tethering me to the table, and his fingers bit into my skin...

Posted by Catie Craig on 01/19/2022

The Tidalwave of Trauma -Tips and Tricks To Turn Things Around

It's been said that every cloud has a silver lining! well, does it? Do traumas have a positive side to them? The truth is that at the end of the day, traumas are traumas and clouds are just clouds.  Recovery is possible! ...

Posted by on 01/17/2022

Catie’s Interview with Dr. George Simon, World Reknowned Author of, “In Sheep’s Clothing”

Dr. K. George Simon, is the world-reknowned Author of the best-selling book, "In Sheep's Clothing, Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People," has been translated into 30+ languages and has remained at the top of the Best Seller's List for over a decade. He has also written 8 more books, including: "Character Disturbance: The Phenomenon of Our Age," "The Judas Syndrome,: Why Good People Do Awful Things," "Sixty Shades of Sociopaths: Who is the Meanest person You Know?," and "How Did We End Up Here?" among others....   Stay...

Posted by Catie Craig on 01/17/2022

Rising Up From The Ashes

This short free 25 page book gives hope to the downtrodden and weary. In its pages, the reader will find empathy, reasons to move forward, and practical ideas to overcome discouragement. The website visitor receives this small book in order to wake up to the joys of life - again - as they start over! ...

Posted by Catie Craig on 12/31/2021