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Catie Craig

Christian Speaker
1001 Fresh Starts
Palmer Alaska 99645

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If You Can Dream It, You CAN Do It!

If You Can Dream It, You CAN Do It!

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Name 1001 Fresh Starts
Palmer, AK 99645
United States of America

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More About Catie Craig

E-Speaker, Catie J Craig inspires women, helping the stuck to get started again. She's an Educator, Author,  Evangelist, Master Certified Life Coach, as well as a cancer and abuse survivor. 


Educator, Evangelist, Devoted Pro-Life advocate, Avid Entrepreneur, Master Certified Life Coach, Perpetual Learner, and Author, CatieJ has an AA in PR and Human Services, and is currently seeking her B.A. in Psychology and her Certificate in Intercultural Missions.

Simply put, Catie's goal is to inspire, and to help the “stuck” to get “started” again. Her favorite listeners are those who have either forgotten how, or lost their motivation. 

Catie has the ability to identify with, and to speak to those struggling to rebuild after a crisis, and this strength is central to what drives her. “Jesus came,” she says, “not to the successful, but the downtrodden – the oppressed, the broken, demoralized, beaten up, and exploited among us. I can raise my hand as one of these. It is my brokenness that drives me to Him…” 

She is no stranger to depression, health breakdowns, crushed dreams, and dashed hopes.

CatieJ has also experienced physical and narcissistic abuse, and as a cancer survivor, she is a firm believer that “starting over” isn’t a one-time, but a sequence of being knocked down and getting back up, finding faith in God and learning to love people - again. 

After E-speaking and presenting to both secular and Christian audiences, in various venues, Catie is versatile and flexible, able to encourage and motivate the down-and-out. 

Along with kayaking, racquetball, glass blowing, sketching, and other hobbies, Catie pursues her biggest passion – encouraging others to DREAM, and to dream big. 

“God says, ‘Call to Me and I will show you GREAT and MIGHTY things,'” she says, and then, with a knowing smile, adds, “He has.” 

As a mother of 4 talented and enterprising young adults, and Grandmother of 15 grandchildren ranging from 3 months to 27 years-old, Catie takes family seriously.