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Posted by: Catie Craig on 01/18/2022

How to get a fresh start after a breakup / divorce

With 41% of 1st marriages, 60% of 2nd marriages, and a whopping 73% of 3rd marriages ending, according to Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, scores of people are looking for answers for how to do things better, next time,  and how to avoid making the same mistakes. "How do I break patterns?" "How do I not meet someone and end up in the same tailspin again?" 

"Where do I start?" many ask, as he or she stares vacantly at their empty calendar, or reels from the prospect of waking up each morning to the same lonely silence.

What most don't realize is that a breakup or an unavoidable divorce is a white palette, just waiting to have an exquisite scene designed by his or her imagination from the creative palette of their mind. The new beginnings guru, Catie, has all sorts of things to say. After all, didn't she design a business called "1001 Fresh Starts?"    "Catie J. Craig" (http://www.1001freshstarts.com) 


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