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Tonya Wells

Christian Speaker
Scott Depot West Virginia 25560

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Transforming Lives Everyday!

Transforming Lives Everyday!

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Position Christian Woman Speaker
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Scott Depot, WV 25560
United States of America

Speaking Ministry Details

  • Salvation Date
  • 1984
  • Home Church
  • Kings River Ministries, St. Albans, WV
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More About Tonya Wells

Although I grew up in the Christian church, and have attended at least five different denominations over my lifetime, I struggled for many years to apply biblical principles in my everyday life. I was drained and empty as a result of all my religious activities. I felt like I was never good enough for God or others, but kept trying. 

However, when I would read scriptures such as Proverbs 4:23, “Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life,” and Colossians 3:8. “…rid ourselves of anger, rage, malice and slander,” I would think things such as: These verses are great and wonderful, but how do I do that? What do I do with all the years that I didn’t know how to guard my heart? How do I rid myself of hurtful emotions like these? How has not living these biblical principles affected me today? 

Questions like these, and many more, sent me on a passionate pursuit for an answer. For almost two decades now, I have been on a quest to discover biblical principles and strategies that strengthen my relationship with God, myself, and others. And I came to realize that I wasn’t the only one in the Church that felt that way, even today. …and why I call myself a Personal Trainer to the Body of Christ? I see my role to support the Body of Christ in his or her quest for spiritual and emotional health the same as a personal trainer would help someone in their quest for physical fitness. 

I am a wife to a very supportive husband and mother of three beautiful daughters and live in Charleston, WV. I hold a Master’s degree in Counseling, as well as an undergraduate degree in Adult Fitness from Marshall University. Professionally, I am a therapist with a mental health agency where I help adults manage severe mental illness. Even though I hold these secular degrees and work in the mental health field, these things did not make me who I am today. My passion did not come from my degree but from a wholehearted desire to more like Christ each and every day. 

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Tonya Wells Speaking Topics

Seeing Your World through the Seasons

Discover more about yourself, others, relationships, work and home as you begin to learn how to discern the season that you are in during a particular time in your life. Living things...

Posted by Tonya Wells on 11/02/2015

Emotional Weight Loss

Anger – Destructive anger has an anatomy to it. We do not experience anger as a feeling all by itself. Fear combined with various thoughts leads one to explode or implode. Learn...

Posted by Tonya Wells on 11/02/2015

Relational Strength Training

Boundaries –Are your boundaries loose, letting too much in? Are they rigid, keeping too much out? What are healthy boundaries? Learn how to establish healthy boundaries in your...

Posted by Tonya Wells on 11/02/2015

Core Training: Strengthening your core

Worth & Value – Knowing who we are in Christ is a life-long journey. However, the better understanding we have of our true worth the better our quality of life and function in the...

Posted by Tonya Wells on 11/02/2015

Mental Flexibility

Judgment – Nothing will close a heart faster towards yourself or others than to think and act upon judgmental thoughts. Whether you feel better than or less than others, both are...

Posted by Tonya Wells on 11/02/2015

Emotional Healthiness Workshops

Will craft an emotional healthiness workshop to meet a need within your organization, church or team. Each presentation will include teaching concepts, putting the attendees into relational...

Posted by Tonya Wells on 11/02/2015

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