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Posted by: Tonya Wells on 11/02/2015

Core Training: Strengthening your core

Worth & Value – Knowing who we are in Christ is a life-long journey. However, the better understanding we have of our true worth the better our quality of life and function in the Body of Christ. Learn how to grow in your sense of worth and value. Core Issues – When we say that we “have an issue” we are saying there is a conflict, concern or potential problem, which we may or not be aware of. A core issue is one that comes up repeatedly. Learn how to identify your core issues and dismantle the negative influences they have on your life. Projection – I know we think that we see with our eyes and hear with our ears but that is far from the truth. Learn how you really see yourself and the world around you. Digging deeper, learn how to recognize and take ownership for issues you project on to others. Learn how to ask yourself questions that lend to greater levels of personal freedom and the healing of relationships. Each topic requires 60-90 minutes. All 3 sessions could be presented in an all day workshop.

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