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Posted by: Catie Craig on 12/31/2021

Roe vs. Wade - The Beginning of an Era

Catie presents the dual topics of pro choice vs. pro life in such a way that women will feel heard and understood - from both sides of the discussion. She believes that building on points of agreement is the key to a successful presentation, or any discussion, especially before launching into a topic that causes angst for all concerned. 

"There are alternatives," Catie says. "To have the least amount of regret, we must help women to consider all their options because it is only then that they will be able to make a fully informed choice!" Catie never exhorts women to explore the future without considering first, a future without regret. 

"It's never just about only one person, but two," Catie exclaims. "SO many women emerge from the process of abortion with that hollow feeling where their unborn child once was. No matter what driving force brought an individual to this point, the aftermath of such a decision will almost always includes regret - either then or years later."

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