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Posted by: Catie Craig on 01/19/2022

I might be 65 and on Medicare, but I'm 33 inside!

What is "OLD?"

""OLD" is a number; age is a perspective!" Catie says. Mother of 4 amazing kids and grandmother of 15 talented and beloved grandchildren ranging from 4 under 5 to 5 over 20 years old, she believes she just never stops! Returning after 24 years, at 64, to finish her Psychology and Social Work degree she began in her 30's, Catie believes in each day is a new and exciting fresh start, which is reflected in her Business name, "1001 Fresh Starts."  .  

"Each day has 2 bookends, sunrise and sunset," Catie elaborates. "What we do with those hours between determines not only our own future, but also impacts every person in our sphere. It's always mattered how I use my time, but now, with less time ahead and more behind me, it especially matters!"

Catie lives in the Alaskan outdoors once the weather warms up and enjoys kayaking, archery, camping, and fishing. During the long Alaskan winters, she loves to write, do podcasts, E-speak, and Coach clients - especially those turning a corner and starting again!  (Catie J Craig - About Catie )

Did I mention that she adores glass blowing? 

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