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Stephanie Smith

Christian Speaker
Jefferson City Missouri 65109

Rated 5/5 (3 Recommendations)
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Building spiritually strong, emotionally healthy, and relationally smart generations!

Building spiritually strong, emotionally healthy, and relationally smart generations!

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Jefferson City, MO 65109
United States of America

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Capital West Christian Church
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More About Stephanie Smith

Stephanie's first audiences often snorted, sometimes stank, and never wore shoes. Having graduated from teaching chickens and cows on her childhood farm, today she's on a mission to build spiritually strong, emotionally healthy, and relationally smart women and families. Event planners appreciate her front-porch friendliness, center-stage professionalism, and back-stage authenticity.

Even with a strong faith, Stephanie experienced the pain of unhealthy relationships and poor emotional skills. Audiences connect with her as she applies decades of studying God's Word and what makes people tick to real issues with grace, authority, and artfulness. 

Women value her depth, humor, and ability to keep listeners engaged. (Teaching high school has its benefits!) They are outfitted with courage, hope, and clarity on why and how to move forward. Parents appreciate her absence of perfect-kid formulas and bringing timeless truths and research to life! They gain actionable insights, helping them raise empowered, Christ-centered kids ready for adulthood.  

Stephanie is Mom to five grown sons, mother-in-law to four heart daughters, and Nana to seven grands. Believing every person has an impact that is immeasurable, eternal, and irreplaceable, Stephanie is devoted to inviting and equipping others to engage fully in God’s grand story!

Stephanie Smith Recommendations

Submitted by Capital West Christian Church on Thursday, Feb 29, 2024

Elizabeth Nelson women ministry team

"Stephanie has a heart for women and wants to help them live courageous and not fearful lives. She inspires confidence and shows how to rely on God's grace and apply His wisdom to life. Our ladies left the evening strengthened with a clear message, rooted in Scripture, and practical ways to use the information in their everyday life."

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Submitted by Lighthouse Preparatory Academy on Monday, Feb 26, 2024

Kirsten Chaney - Dean of Family Ministries

Stephanie is engaging, thought provoking and prepared. She loves the Lord and it is evident in her presentation. She is interactive and knowledgeable of the subject matter. If she doesn't know the answer, she will find it - because she is a life-long learner. Her presentation skills are exemplary - easy to follow and she is a delight to listen to. You are in for a treat!

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Submitted by Stained Glass Theatre Mid-Mo on Monday, Feb 26, 2024

Kimberlee Johnson, Board Member

"Stephanie was dynamic, funny, and engaging. She hits the heart of the topic with grace, wisdom and GRIT."

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Stephanie Smith Speaking Topics

Why, God? Trusting When Answers Don't Come

"Why, God?" is the universal human question -- too often met with theology brandished as a weapon. Women will be strengthened to have a gritty, courageous faith in God's...

Because I Read So! Principles from the World's Greatest Parenting Book

"Train up a child" can provoke more frustration than encouragement. How do I train them?! Yet principles from the Bible can empower parents to boldly declare, "Because...

Fear Not! Defeat What's Devouring Your Impact

Fear is sneaky! Women are often motivated by three covert fears that stay well hidden: being found out, left out, and thrown out. Yet they can kick these fears to the curb!Through...

Flail Not! Why God Wants You Confident

What's the difference between confidence and arrogance? This question distracts too many women from fully engaging in the life God desires for them.Women will be energized...

Faint Not! When Storms Compel Your Savvy Strength

Storms are inevitable. Panicking is not. Just as tornadoes require different actions than hurricanes, so life's storms compel distinct responses.Several Bible characters will show...

Boy, Oh Boy! Raising Men of Depth and Character

A son can make you confident he's headed to be a pastor one day and a prisoner the next! Parents will gain powerful tools to build this mix of exuberance and exasperation, confusion...

Look at Me! Three Lenses Wise Parents Use

If only good intentions were enough to raise kids to maturity! But sincerity doesn't automatically produce the desired results. Parents will have sharper clarity, courage, and...

Hold Your Horses! Training Kids to Bridle Their Will

Raising a child is like training a horse, a creature ruled by appetites and resistant to submission. Parents will laugh, engage, and may buck off familiar but crippling ideas as they...

Stephanie Smith Events

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Stephanie Smith Resources

Life's Key 3 Podcast

Dive deep into God's Word and see application to becoming spiritually strong, emotionally healthy, and relationally smart! Tuesday episodes walk through significant sections or books of the Bible with insights and application to real life. Thursday episodes equip parents to raise empowered kids, ready for adulthood.  Podcast is available on all major podcast player apps! ...

Posted by Stephanie Smith on 02/24/2024