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Sue L. Hamilton

Christian Speaker
Live4One Enterprise LLC
Minot North Dakota 58701

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I'm okay being ME, the ME God intended ME to BE.

I'm okay being ME, the ME God intended ME to BE.

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Name Live4One Enterprise LLC
Online Social Profiles
Minot, ND 58701
United States of America

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  • Salvation Date
  • 1992
  • Home Church
  • Northland Harvest Church
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More About Sue L. Hamilton

"Full of passion with high energy," best describes motivational speaker and author Sue L. Hamilton. 

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Her infectious, positive attitude is in every subject she shares on from years of working in the corporate world, to personal knowledge in and around addiction, to her down to earth, honest perspective of everyday life, and her journey of faith with GodShe delivers encouragement through personal stories of restoration from a dark past of teenage substance abuse to discovering hope in living a life full of miracles as a survivor of a fatal motorcycle accident. 

What Others Say...

"Tell-it-like-it-is" view of life 

Upbeat, infectious attitude

Energetic & motivating, never boring 

Down to earth and honest perspectives

Great sense of humor, smile is contagious


  • Motivating and inspiring audiences since since 1999
  • B.A. degree in Marketing & Management
  • TEDx Speaker
  • Founder, Live4One Enterprise LLC  
  • Over 30 years of experience in direct sales, top management, customer service, employee training and business development.  
Perfect choice for any business, organization, convention or retreat as a keynote speaker or break out session leader. 


Sue L. Hamilton Recommendations

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Sue L. Hamilton Speaking Topics

Carried by Faith

Sharing personal story of freedom from alcohol and drug addiction to a life of hope. Learn how a life changing motorcycle accident that should have taken her life, turned out to be...

Live Long, Laugh Hard, and Die Trying - Entrepreneurs

How to deal with day-to-day stress as an entrepreneur. Find ways to cope with the complicated life of owning your own business, how to stay positive, and stay focused on your dream....

Pass It On...the Heritage of Women

What legacy will you leave for the next generation of women? Learn why it's important to leave our skills, talents, and strengths as a heritage to be proud of by exploring the...

Anchor Your Day​

Wake up every day with peace when you learn how to anchor your day so you can live in this complicated world.  Learn practical ideas & tips to secure a good start to your...

Never Stop Praying

What, why, how, and who to pray for. Find ways to never stop praying. Learn to stay hopeful when you want to stop praying.In this session learn:Secrets to never stop prayingResults...

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary-Employee Attitudes

Positive attitudes will make or break a company or organization. Learn ways to check your attitude and 5 phrases to use to stay positive.  Employee Attitudes - Learn how...

Sue L. Hamilton Events

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Sue L. Hamilton Resources

YouTube Video Stress Management for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs discussing and exploring these areas:  -Remember your passion  -Strategies for stress  -How to stay focused  -How to stay positive  ...

Posted by Sue L. Hamilton on 04/07/2022

YouTube Video Never Stop Praying

What, why, how, and who to pray for, and how to find ways to never stop praying. Grab your FREE Gift at Learn the : Secrets to never stop praying.Results of constant prayer.How to keep praying when you want to stop.   ...

Posted by Sue L. Hamilton on 04/05/2022

Never Stop Praying

Learn the What, Why, How, Who, and When to Pray.  A GREAT value for all the detail that is included.  What you'll get: Example Prayers6 Types of Prayer9 Ways to Pray for OthersPrayer cards included (valued at $10)...

Posted by Sue L. Hamilton on 03/14/2022

Anchor Your Day Online Course

Get solid answers to Anchor Your Day  & make it stable.Find ways to start each day strong.Learn how to get dressed spiritually.Answers to help with fickle feelings.  BUY IT NOW You will get...Six (6) video sessions with teaching & personal encouragement from Sue. Worksheets with simple, practical suggestions to help find your solutions. **BONUS** Three (3) additional videos to show how to be dressed for battle. Downloadable printouts to help learn new habits. ***NO expiration date, course is self paced and can be accessed anytime. Each session has a: GoalResource(s)Prayer...

Posted by Sue L. Hamilton on 02/11/2022

Every Day Simple

Learn ways to establish solid habits in daily tasks so peace can permeate the chaos of this complicated world.  A follow up book to the memoir  Carried by Faith  for all those followers who asked, "What happened after the motorcycle accident and how did you live with God in your life?"  Down-to-earth tips about questions in life. Who am I? Why do my feelings get hurt so easily? Why do I keep doing things I don't want to do?Order through  Amazon  or  Barnes & Noble ...

Posted by Sue L. Hamilton on 02/11/2022

Journey of Trust...A Walk of Faith

Reflect on how our lives follow a similar path as the Israelites as they walked in faith on the long journey. Learn how God was patient and merciful to grumbling and complaining while He taught them to trust.  Available for Purchase at ...

Posted by Sue L. Hamilton on 01/31/2019

Carried By Faith: From Substance Abuse to a Life Filled with Miracles - A Memoir

A Powerful, MUST read Book!      A Candid Story Of: Darkness of alcohol & drug abuse for user and family membersA mom's prayers & tough loveImpact of a school teacherStrength to stay in a marriage through all the trials of lifeMiracle of a life saved from a fatal motorcycle accident Available for purchase:               Barnes& ...

Posted by Sue L. Hamilton on 01/31/2019

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