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Posted by: Stephanie Smith on 02/13/2024

Hold Your Horses! Training Kids to Bridle Their Will

Raising a child is like training a horse, a creature ruled by appetites and resistant to submission. Parents will laugh, engage, and may buck off familiar but crippling ideas as they step back into the daily parenting arena with renewed vigor! 

It's easy to confuse "training" a child with "breaking" a child or thinking kids only need to run free to eventually become mature. Neither approach works for horses, and it doesn't work for children either. 

Instead, parents will see how to become a trainer, passing the reins successfully to their child at the right time. They will re-think the idea of "strong will" as they understand the relationship between the mind, will, and emotions. They'll be ready to pull on their boots and "giddy-up" into the work of raising children. 


* This message is adapted depending on whether the audience is moms only or also includes dads. 

* This can be a stand-alone message or delivered as part of a 2-3 session package: "Model, Train, Focus: Three Practices of Wise Parents" and/or "Because I Read So! Principles from the World's Greatest Parenting Book"

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