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Family Matters

Family Matters

Renew Family Connections


Do you feel like you're losing or have lost close family-time connections? Consider establishing all mealtimes as no-tech zones for everyone. I started then, and it helped a lot. Next, I collected a bunch of conversation starters. I put these in my car, purse, and a box at the kitchen table. Then, after grace, we’d each take turns reading a topic. It connected us with stories, laughter, and memories. We now continue this tradition at holiday meals with multiple generations.

Connecting the Generations


I have discovered traditions that combine the past and the present generations to help our families grow closer. When older family members blend their histories through food, stories, and activities, roots grow deep and branch out into today and the future. Our younger family members join in traditions and are encouraged to contribute their own ideas. For example, our family Easter Egg hunt is first done for the kids, then the kids hide the eggs for the adults. Their idea has become a favorite part of our celebration. Traditions, for all ages, are what we get to do, not have to do.

Live Vibrantly In Front of Your Family


The Word of God is the highest vibrational frequency. Here are three strategies to live vibrantly at home (and everywhere). 

  • Build self-awareness. You are a spirit who possesses a soul (thinker, feeler, chooser and cognitive faculties). A born-again spirit is awakened and no longer lying dormant. You only need enough faith to believe in His faith. Our faith is not what creates God’s promises. His promises are already fulfilled. 
  • Cultivate self-regulation, Spirit-led self control. 
  • Build empathy. It's hard to build deep, loving, authentic relationships unless we at least try to see things from the perspectives of others.

Moving from Relational Stage to Stage


Have you found yourself caring for a parent who always cared for you? If so, you know how family roles change, and communication patterns may help or hinder the family as they cope. It is important for families to recognize our roles will need to adapt, and that new ways of communicating may develop. As our parents aged, my siblings and I found the need to communicate frequently, and to be more patient with our parents as they became older and frail. As a Christian, I found comfort in knowing God would always prove faithful, no matter what changed.

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