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Rachel White

Christian Speaker
Greensboro North Carolina 27403

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Get on the winning team NOW!

Get on the winning team NOW!

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Greensboro, NC 27403
United States of America

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More About Rachel White

Rachel White is an author and motivational speaker, with an extensive psychiatric and pediatric nursing background, whose multifaceted, miracle-life story leads women into joy and vitality.


Rachel always says, "Get on the Winning Team NOW! Do not wait for another split second." 

Rachel was born February 10, 1957, in Anderson, IN to Wilhemina and Noble White. Her daddy was a hardworking man who owned and operated his Trucking Company and worked with GM. Rachel’s mom was a very soft-spoken, sweet mother who was a housewife and mother.

Rachel was a very eccentric child with a big imagination and was very introverted and antisocial. However, Rachel was very intelligent and smart in school.

In 1968, January the trajectory of her life took a big shift.  Rachel’s parents became victims of a murder/suicide demon.

This caused a lot of unexpected drama for Rachel at the age of 10 years old. Rachel survived the death of her parents and was raised by her paternal grandparents who became unable to properly take care of Rachel, which opened doors for unwanted drama in her personal space.

Rachel proceeded to finish high school and graduated in 1978 related to personal setbacks. Unfortunately, she was not able to stay in the co-op program through GM to continue studying engineering.

In 1978, Rachel landed a job at the local Community Hospital in the dietary department where she worked for 9 years.  She also took on this position related to circumstances and situations.

In 1987, Rachel had an epiphany to leave her homeland.   She wanted to have a fair chance to be who she wanted to be as a person.

Rachel's journey began when she relocated to Atlanta, Ga. She went through some serious anxiety/depression related to the culture shock, for and the first time left her only known place.

Rachel discovered her spirituality at a certain brook in College Park, Georgia.

 Rachel attended nursing school at Atlanta College in 1993 and received a degree in Practical Nursing. Working as an Independent Contractor for several years in multiple entities, especially psychiatry, and pediatrics.

Rachel began to embark upon wanting to help people spiritually, emotionally, and socially by volunteering at her local church home. In 2006, eventually, she started a nonprofit outreach ministry called Disciples of the Blood of the Lamb Outreach Ministries, Inc. a 501(c)3c nonprofit organization.

Providing services to women, elderly, widows, and children by sharing inspirational speeches and prayer sessions with refreshments.  

In 2017, Rachel joined the John Maxwell Team and received a Certification of Coach, Speaker, and Trainer, offering masterminds, lunch, and learns in relation to some of John Maxwell's books on personal and professional development.

Rachel has published two books and a few anthologies. It WAS NOT MY FAULT, a synopsis of her life story accompanied by powerful prayers. ASK RACHEL HOW SELF-IMAGE DETERMINES YOUR SUCCESS, inspired by the death of her sister who was hit and killed by a train ruled as suicide on September 30, 2021, found on amazon.com by Rachel Lee White published in 2022.

Rachel plans to continue pursuing her dream to speak and write to help others, especially women and children so that they can live with joy and vitality despite the circumstances. Today, Rachel is a retired Nurse, who enjoys motivational speaking, writing, and intercessory praying.

Rachel can be reached at rachel.white@rachelleewhite.com

Rachel Lee White is an advocate for survivors of Domestic Violence and Awareness of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention...

Rachel believes it is her responsibility to promote happiness and vibrancy by sharing the wisdom of God as well as joy and vitality.

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Rachel White Speaking Topics

Empowerment For Your Divine Assignment

Empowerment for your purpose on planet Earth is a divine gift. Everyone has an assignment. Receive the gift from heaven so that you can remove burdens and destroy yokes in the lives...

How Self-Image Determines Your Success

Self-Image will determine your success by answering "Who are you? How do you perceive yourself?"This will help locate where you are so that you can propel to where you need...

Joy And Vitality A Gem

Joy and vitality is life in a nutshell when you know who and whose you are!  Your thought life is determined by your focus and attentiveness to what subjects or objects you intentionally...

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Rachel White Resources

Ask Rachel How Self-Image Determines Success

There are 4 uncomplicated ways to build build in yourself shared in this book. Behavioral psychology and intentional actions is one key ingredient to follow the path to progression. ...

Posted by Rachel White on 10/22/2022


This book discusses several ways to build your belief in yourself.  Self-image is the determining factor in your success in every area of life. Life is a journey and a culture of progression, it is your decision. ...

Posted by Rachel White on 09/28/2022


This a book written and published by Rachel, inspired by God. The title was also, inspired by God prior to her uprooting and leaving her homeland. ...

Posted by Rachel White on 09/28/2022