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Mycel Acquaah-Mensah

Christian Speaker
Clearwater Florida 33760

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Adding value and making difference in people's lives

Adding value and making difference in people's lives

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Clearwater, FL 33760
United States of America

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WordLife Family Church
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More About Mycel Acquaah-Mensah

Mycel Acquaah-Mensah is the founder of Living Your Ultimate Potential, a pastor's wife, author of four books, speaker, professional life and mental health coach and a mentor. She encourages, equips and empowers mothers, women and youth to find clarity in identifying their potential in life, why they are here, and how to live a transformed and fulfilled life. 

She believes that every person was created with a purpose and needs to identify that purpose.  Her books will inspire, encourage, motivate, and equip you.  

Mycel has been serving God for over thirty years. She has passion for the work of God and loves to see people living the abundant life Christ promised us. Living daily in the presence of God and having intimate relationship with Him.

Mycel is a Christian Professional Life Coach practicing in Clearwater, Florida. Mycel has certifications in Mental Health and Professional Life Coaching. Before working as a Relationship and Family Life Coach, Mycel and her husband have been pastoring for the past 24 years. Mycel loves helping individuals discover more about their God-giving purpose and calling. Her favorite book is “The Holy Spirit” by Smith Wigglesworth. Mycel organizes events for mothers (summits, retreats) and a popular guest speaker for podcasts, conferences and summits. Mycel is married to her husband for twenty-four and half years and has three children, two young adults and a teenager. In her free time, Mycel enjoys nature and going places with the family.

Mycel is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and International Christian Coaching Association and provides coaching through Living Your Ultimate Potential. LYUP exists to help, women, couples, youth and families to find hope in difficult times and take action toward the dreams and desires the Lord has placed in their hearts.

She supports her husband to pastor WordLife Family church in Ghana.

As a pastor's wife, she has served in various leadership roles at church including a worship leader, church secretary, women's ministry leader, youth and children's ministries etc. Mycel is married to Rev. Benjamin Acquaah-Mensah and they have two young adults and a teenager. 


Mycel Acquaah-Mensah Recommendations

Submitted by Christian Friend on Friday, Feb 17, 2023

Jo Ann Kolks, Dir., Jewels Women's Ministry, Dunedin Assembly Of God In FL

Mycel is a friend & mighty woman of God whom I treasure! The Holy spirit introduced us by telling Mycel she would meet a woman named Jo Ann for three previous days and I was overcome by the expression of love on her face when she came with a friend to our Jewels Fellowship Meetings. The night before, in a dream, the Lord showed me I would meet our special Founder's Day Speaker that I was looking for and the rest is history! Mycel is called & prepared to let this world know Jesus is our Waymaker for everything needed pertaining to this life & beyond! She is compassionate and full of God's confidence in delivering the Gospel message of truth to this generation. May I encourage you to meet, Mycel, in order to find out how very much you are loved by our Creator, our Sustainer, our Healer, our Deliverer, our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus!

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Mycel Acquaah-Mensah Speaking Topics

Knowing Strength As A Mom

Knowing your strength as a mom is not just the physical strength that you have but your ability to stand strong in prayer for your family, which begins with you having personal relationship...

How To Have Quiet Talks With God

How does one have quiet talks with God? I believe that quiet talks with God is spending time constantly with Him and being aware of His presence.Quiet talks with God is your daily...

Life's Source: How To Understand Your Identity In Christ

When you experience who you are in Christ and how much He loves you, you begin to understand and find your true identity in Christ.  You will appreciate that your life begins...

Understanding Your Spiritual Make-up

Righteousness outside of the revelation of the Spirit, Soul and Body is based upon your performance.  We need to continue to grow in our understanding of the spirit that we have...

How to Live without Fear

The word "Fear Not" appears 365 times in the Bible. This means that every day in a year, you can take one pill of "Fear Not" knowing and trusting that God is with...

Turning Your Pain Into Possibility

The devil’s plan is for us to continue living with the pain of our past and not moving forward to enjoy the life Jesus gave us.  But Ruth demonstrated her passion to change...

Mycel Acquaah-Mensah Events

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Mycel Acquaah-Mensah Resources

Mom's Secret Strength - A Comprehensive Guide for Mothers to Pray for their Children

Mom’s Secret Strength is a comprehensive guide to help mothers pray for their children before and after birth. God’s love and your love can shepherd them through every stage in their life, from infancy to adulthood. I have three children of my own, two young adults and one teenager. God has been central to our home and has helped my husband and me in bringing them up, even when life has taken me to a different country to seek a better life for my family.  I want to share what has helped me as a mother to maintain my home and introduce our children to God. Together we will...

Posted by Mycel Acquaah-Mensah on 02/28/2023

Fearless and Brave - Video Interview

During this interview with Marnie and guest, Mycel Acquaah-Mensah, author of the newly released journal, Fearless and Brave, you’ll discover:  • 5 ways to identify your potential by changing your minds.  • The most important reason to make the right decision at the right time.  • Why living without a purpose doesn't work and what to do about it.  • The number three reasons you must act now.  • The biggest mistake of negative words and how to avoid it.  • The easiest way to guard your mind.  • 3 simple strategies...

Posted by Mycel Acquaah-Mensah on 07/16/2021

How To Overcome Fear

How do you overcome fear when someone or something looks dangerous which can cause you pain or threat? Here is how to deal with fear. Fear destabilizes you and prevents you from taking any positive action in or for your life.  Find out more about how to be fearless and brave. So then, what is fear? Fear is an unpleasant emotion  caused by the belief that someone or something is a threat of harm, real or imagined. Fear and anxiety sometimes last for a short time and it passes, but it can also last much longer and sometimes gets stuck with you. In most cases, fear can take over...

Posted by Mycel Acquaah-Mensah on 06/29/2021

8 Ways To Live A Fearless Life

The word "Fear Not" appears 365 times in the Bible. This means that every day in a year, you can take one pill of "Fear Not" knowing and trusting that God is with you always because it's His promise to you and He is a good Father.  These eight (8) ways will help you to live a fearless life. You can be fearless and brave when you put your hope and trust in God! Fear and anxiety can last for a short time and then pass, but they can also last much longer and you can get stuck with them.  In some cases they can take over your life, affecting your ability to eat,...

Posted by Mycel Acquaah-Mensah on 06/01/2021

Quiet Talks With God

Depending on God amid the noise, confusion, and troubles around you lands on a solid ground in Him and there is nothing in this world that can defeat you or take away your peace. To affirm God’s goodness amidst difficult times is as much an act of worship as it is a sign of integrity.  Those who have trusted in Christ Jesus for salvation were never meant to live defeated, despairing, boxed-in, unhappy lives. In Romans 5:17, Paul writes that the “abundance of grace” we have received and receive every day, along with the gift of righteousness, enables us to “reign...

Posted by Mycel Acquaah-Mensah on 05/25/2021


Many people have accepted below average lifestyle and settled.  They don’t know they can be healed or simply don’t know what to do or how to begin.  In this book Quite Talks With God  book and the workbook, Fearless and Brave, Soul Searching Journal,  I have shared what I learned on my journey about overcoming fear and embracing the best life God has for my life.  And even though your journey won’t be exactly like mine, I hope my story can inspire you and be a guiding light as you step out onto your path of progress toward wholeness. Ruth’s...

Posted by Mycel Acquaah-Mensah on 05/25/2021

Serving God With Your Whole Heart

Serving God with your whole heart when you have your prayers unanswered, or a secret frustration that you are waiting on God to intervene can sometimes challenge your faith. But when you serve God no matter your situation is, trust God for who He is...

Posted by Mycel Acquaah-Mensah on 05/18/2021

Discover to Recover

In Discover to Recover, Mycel reveals how you can identify your potential by changing your mind-set. Finding something you did not know and acting on what you find, changes your life forever, that’s discovering. You will understand the importance of renewing your mind and how the life you live now is connected to the way you think. You will discover how to line up your thoughts with God’s word to defeat the enemy and win the battle of your mind to identify your potential....

Posted by Mycel Acquaah-Mensah on 05/18/2021