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Posted by Mycel Acquaah-Mensah on 05/25/2021


Many people have accepted below average lifestyle and settled.  They don’t know they can be healed or simply don’t know what to do or how to begin.  In this book Quite Talks With God book and the workbook, Fearless and Brave, Soul Searching Journal, I have shared what I learned on my journey about overcoming fear and embracing the best life God has for my life.  And even though your journey won’t be exactly like mine, I hope my story can inspire you and be a guiding light as you step out onto your path of progress toward wholeness.

Ruth’s story is one of a fearless and a brave woman who believed in a God who redeems and delivers His people when they heed His direction.  Trusting Naomi’s God to provide, Ruth insisted on leaving all and following her mother-in-law back to Bethlehem.  But Naomi and Ruth had nothing upon arriving in Judah.  And according to the custom of Israel, they needed a relative (the Hebrew term is “kinsman redeemer”) to “redeem” – or provide for – them and their family name.   And Boaz – likely Elimelech’s brother or cousin – stepped up, rescuing Naomi and Ruth from poverty, and taking Ruth as his wife (Ruth 4:1-10).  God will do the same for you.

            As you work through the questions and activities of this journal, I pray you will discover the beautiful, best life God wants to give you.  He loves you.   Contemplate areas where you need restoration and ask God to activate His blessings and plans in your life.

            Remember, change takes time.  It is sometimes uncomfortable and painful because you have to be intentional to open old wounds to get your healing.  The woman who needs to live a best life have two choices.   The first is to continue staggering along in life, just trying to get through each day, and the second is to say, “I have enough misery, unhappiness, pretense, guilt, and shame, and I’m ready to do whatever it takes to be made whole.

            I hope this journal becomes the safe place for you to do the work of overcoming fear, living your best life, and made whole.



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