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Kathleen Smith

Christian Speaker
Parents on the Move
Farnham England GU101JX

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Blessed are the flexible!

Blessed are the flexible!

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Name Parents on the Move
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Farnham, England GU101JX
United Kingdom

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Millmead Baptist Church, Guildford, Surrey, England
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More About Kathleen Smith

While my children were born in England and my husband is English; to my mind, I was always heading home. Born in Washington, DC, I got to Florida as soon as I could. I went to a Baptist College (in those days) in DeLand, Florida and I never, ever tired of a beautiful day. When I married my English husband I thought I could "do a Ruth!" ie his country would be my country. I learned very quickly that it isn't always that easy to live in a country that does not match your passport. 

As the kids grew older, I started to plan our retirement. Thankfully, my husband was very happy to retire in Florida. We spent most of the year in Florida, and returned to the UK in the winter months. I know that sounds crazy, or at least backwards. Shouldn't we have spent the winter in Florida and the summers in England? That would have been the sensible way to do things, but we wanted to be with the kids at Christmas. 

One day, while we were in Florida; my daughter called from England and announced that she was pregnant. Seeing my precious daughter and my wonderful son in law beaming over the internet, I lept with joy! Then, when we shut down Skype; I became tearful. Husbands notice everything. "You're not happy," he said and put his arm around me. We began to pray, "Lord, where do you want us to be?" To make a long story short, we pulled up a palm tree and got back on British Airways to London.

At church one evening after our return to the UK, I just didn't know where to be-US vs UK. I wanted to be in both! I felt the Holy Spirit speak to my spirit , and say "will you give me your dream of returning to your country?" 

"Yes, Lord," I said. Then I heard His promise; that if I would only accept His dream for my life, I would receive a feast. And oh, what a feast it has been! There is nothing like holding a grandbaby, or going shopping with your daughter. Yet, there would be more.

My husband and I have what I call a "chopped together family." It's not a "blended family" but one where through repentance and forgiveness we now have five out of the six children strongly walking with the Lord. We've had one child healed of cancer, another on a north London church planting team, one in leadership in their church, one living in a deprived area  in the north of England and involved in bringing her community to Christ, one raising children to love the Lord as he works at home and his wife teaches school, and one child "to go." This last daughter married an Italian, so when you hear us say "we are going to Italy"; it's a family mission trip!

My brother did our family history, and while I learned we have 500 years of unbroken Christianity- I was broken. My first husband asked me-told me- to choose between him and God. I told him I had made that decision when I was nine years old. When we were divorced, I was devastated. God  rescued me and brought me to a safe place for healing. Eventually, he blessed me with a godly husband who did not compromise on His Word.  This May we celebrate our tenth anniversary, giving thanks to God for His restoration. I'm a new grandma, and we see the blessings that come from God's mercy. Still, we want ALL -every single member of our family to receive Christ as their Saviour-with none left behind.

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