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Posted by: Kathleen Smith on 08/09/2016

What's Your Relocation Level?

Whether you are moving across town, out of state or to another country; moving your family can be a challenge. You may sort out all the practical details of the move, but what does God want from you in this move? Even if everyone in the family is on the same flight, every member of the family may be making a different sort of move.

If you are on the Welcome Team of your church, how can you provide the welcome God intended? 

In "What's your relocation Level?" I will teach you how to line up your relocation with God's purpose, as well as train the Welcome Team to establish their purpose with joy!

And why me? God established the work of my hands as a Relocation Mentor for families moving from the USA to the UK and then to various parts of the word and back. I love working with all nationalities as they see that God has loved a good move from the beginning of time!

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