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Cheryl Hurley

Christian Speaker
Christian Woman Speaker at Empowered to Inspire You LLC
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19141

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“The legacy that a woman leaves is the ones she lives, walks and breathes!"

“The legacy that a woman leaves is the ones she lives, walks and breathes!"

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Name Empowered to Inspire You LLC
Position Christian Woman Speaker
Online Social Profiles
Philadelphia, PA 19141
United States of America

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Jones Memorial Baptist Church
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More About Cheryl Hurley

Cheryl A.S. Hurley is a highly regarded motivational speaker, author, and duo-coach specializing in mindset, wellness, relationships, and life purpose. She is the CEO of Empowered to Inspire You and co-founder of Always Think Again Transformational Coaching. Cheryl's journey includes serving as the Dean of Students at the Tree of Life Institute of Biblical Studies and co-leading the Faithful and Fabulous Women's Ministry. She is a certified life coach who empowers clients to overcome fears and embrace their purpose. 

As a breast cancer survivor, Cheryl exemplifies strength and resilience. Her unique three-step process provides hope, guiding others through self-doubt and adversity. With a new book, 'Living What You Read: Defining the Fabric of Your Soul,' set to release in June 2024, Cheryl is dedicated to inspiring individuals to embrace their unique purpose. 

Cheryl A.S. Hurley is committed to empowering women mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually to live more authentic and fulfilling lives. She brings a unique blend of administration and organizational communication skills to her coaching practice through her three-step process of empowering, inspiring, and cultivating developing leaders. 

Cheryl connects with her audience with transparency and truth, creating an open and safe space for her clients to clarify intentions, expand possibilities, and reach new heights. Her coaching approach is inspiring, energetic, and designed to effect positive transformations. Cheryl conducts individual and group coaching sessions and leads workshops locally, regionally, and virtually. 


As a certified life coach with Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®, Cheryl holds a background in social work, a Director's Credential from Northampton Community College, and certifications in various counseling disciplines, including Biblical counseling and addiction counseling. She is a licensed minister and was ordained in 2005. Cheryl's continued education includes earning a Business and Organizational Leadership degree from Eastern University, a Certificate of Completion as a Lakeside Trauma-Competent Professional, and a Certificate of Completion as a Mental Health Professional. 

Testimonials speak to Cheryl's impactful coaching style, with clients expressing gratitude for her insight, wisdom, and transformative guidance. Her unique blend of skills, training, and intuition make her a trusted coach and consultant, challenging clients to confront limiting beliefs and live abundantly.

Cheryl has a life motto: "The legacy that a woman leaves is the one she lives, breathes and walks." This motto reflects her dedication to helping women create and live out their unique legacies. As the Co-founder of an empowerment coaching program, Cheryl played a crucial role in developing an innovative coaching model to break down self-limiting beliefs. The positive testimonials from clients who have undergone substantial and tangible life changes clearly indicate her significant contribution. Cheryl's system, which she co-created, goes beyond mere quick fixes and represents a profound and enduring transformation that empowers clients to overcome obstacles and achieve their highest aspirations.

Testimonials…What people are saying about Cheryl

“During a very difficult transition in my life I engaged Cheryl Hurley to provide insight that I sorely needed. In short, I was not certain about how to identify my passions, tune in to my spiritual gifts and more importantly how to align these very important things with what I wanted to do in life. Through one-on-one intensive coaching, counseling and feedback, Cheryl tapped into her gifted expertise, wisdom and insight and helped me unearth unresolved issues and retool my thinking as a method to identifying and removing barriers to my success. It is because of Cheryl’s guidance and wisdom in which she imparted in me during this time that I am truly able to embody and fully live the following proverb “Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime.” Kenya Pitt

‘My first introduction to life coaching was via a TV series called ‘Starting Over’ in 2003-2004. I really admired Iyanla Vanzant.  This experience allowed me to later in life recognize an authentic life coach.   My life coach, Cheryl Hurley, wears many hats during the course of the day.  However, she knows exactly what hat to wear at the appropriate time. I consider my life to have been blessed by her coaching services and am thankful for a dedicated woman that leads by example.’  Joanne McCrae

My coaching experience with Cheryl Hurley was extremely enlightening and empowering.  I will always cherish her skill in allowing me to relieve difficult and strong emotions as I expressed my darkest fears.  Her demonstrated commitment to encourage, support and provide caring guidance on my journey was ever present.  After each session I felt restored – one of the best experiences of my life…”  LaToya Lewis

'Cheryl mixes skill, training and a secret ingredient that makes her spot-on as a coach and consultant. That ingredient is INTUITION! She listens intuitively for what you don’t say. She thoughtfully probes. She respectfully guides. She has helped me with many breakthrough revelations including what holds me back from living my greatness...the wrong thinking that I am not enough. She constantly challenges me to confront this lie and live abundantly. Thanks Cheryl for who you are, what you know, and your enduring friendship.' - Pamela Elaine Nichols'Cheryl is AMAZING!!! She is warm, full of wisdom and has the amazing "super power" to pour into and encourage every person she encounters!! So, grateful to have been connected to her!!! ' - Celeste Taylor

Cheryl Hurley Recommendations

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Empowered, Resilient and Uniquely YOU! inspires women with real talk and shares wisdom nuggets that teach how to become resilient gems. Your life purpose has been intentionally tailored...

Cheryl Hurley Events

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Cheryl Hurley Resources

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Empowered, Resilient and Uniquely You!

Empowered, Resilient and Uniquely YOU! inspires women with real talk and shares wisdom nuggets that teach how to become resilient gems. Your life purpose has been intentionally tailored to fit YOU. If YOU are ready to conquer YOUR fears, achieve YOUR dreams and realize YOUR unique purpose despite the circumstances YOU may have faced, this journal book is for YOU! ...

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