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Posted by: Cheryl Hurley on 09/27/2021

Resiliency is Not Just Surviving but Thriving

Inevitably, we face change every day of our lives, which can impact our lives differently. How we make sense of it will affect how we process it and respond innovatively and creatively.

Cheryl takes you on a journey and shares how through adversity, we become empowered to gain a greater understanding of the personal challenges we face, learn ways to overcome the mounting stress and equip you with practical tools to survive and thrive. Rather than allow the life challenges you experienced to define you, she inspires you to choose to bounce back more tenacious than ever daringly. Audiences will walk away with practical wisdom on how to defy the odds by discovering that adversity entrusted you with the secret that your experiences are part of God’s plan for you to survive and thrive.

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