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Posted by Michelle Medlock Adams on 08/11/2016

"Love & Care For the One and Only You"

Be encouraged! You can choose to be healthy, strong and vibrantly alive! Making good, healthy choices isn't always easy. Sometimes you need someone special, a best friend, to help and guide you through the surplus of diet and exercise options and walk with you through the journey. Michelle Medlock Adams is that best friend, wellness coach, and encourager who will walk beside you on your journey to better health and caring for the one and only you. 

In Love & Care For the One and Only Youyou'll find 52 devotions with accompanying Scriptures that are power packed and uniquely designed to help keep you on track and move you toward your ultimate goal. Whether you need to lose five pounds and increase your stamina or if your goal is much greater, this companion will keep you moving forward and remind you how valuable you are to God and to yourself. 

"Love & Care For the One and Only You"