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Suzanne Smith

Christian Speaker
91 Entertainment Ministries
Missoula Montana 59802

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When I allowed God to begin tearing down the boxes in my life - miracles began to happen.

When I allowed God to begin tearing down the boxes in my life - miracles began to happen.

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Name 91 Entertainment Ministries
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Missoula, MT 59802
United States of America

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Fresh Life - Salt Lake City
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More About Suzanne Smith

When the Lord began showing Suzanne how to tear the spiritual boxes in her life apart- amazing miracles began to happen. Now working as a Minister to people in the Entertainment and Creative Arts- she has learned God's Kingdom is never boring...

As a small child, the Lord gave me dreams that were from Him and told me deep within my heart to pay attention. Though I grew up in and married within Christian religious families, everyone I knew went to church then came home to hurt their families deeply...so my Heavenly Father and his son Jesus were the loved ones I clung to. They are my Beloved.

From Middle School on, I performed, spoke publicly and wrote - winning awards along the way- yet always religion kept me in small boxes. Around the age of forty however, God put me in the Austin, TX Film Industry and began tearing those boxes apart.

My first film job I worked next to Kate Winslet for 3 days. They gave me the part of a Religious Protestor and put a large Bible and Cross in my hand. That was the start of an amazing and very miraculous film career.   

I chose to raise my kids rather than devote myself full-time to pursue an acting career but God sent me to film school anyway and opened many doors for me to continue to work in film. I worked beside other A-listers and became a Minister, a Teacher and an Evangelist on set. Joining the Hollywood Prayer Network and interceding for people working in Film and Music Entertainment- caused seeds to be planted that are still blooming in Hollywood today.

When I discovered Scriptwriting- my world expanded far beyond the boxes  that even Hollywood has created... and now as my Pastor said I have become the "Mother of Creativity," launching  literally hundreds of young people into the arts, the dance, the written and spoken word, the song and the media.

How can you see God's destiny in your life come to pass despite the horrible circumstances that happen to each of us  including myself? You get so close to His Heart that you hear His whispers and secret instructions. You discuss the challenges with Him in that intimate place and He tells you how to get over the obstacles. Only then do you find that the places of pain are making you a strong and mighty woman that literally has become a living parable.

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Suzanne Smith Speaking Topics

Your Prophetic Future

Understanding how to survive tough living until we are raptured, and learning how to listen to the individual prophetic gifts that God has given you personally to help you and your...

Going Through the Change

Change of any kind is alway difficult, especially when it is unexpected. After learning to deal with a lifetime of change brought on by God's destiny for her - Suzanne can provide...

Prayer Preparation for Disasters & Crises

Disasters have sadly become a part of our culture. After living through a lifetime of minor to moderate disasters and crises situations, like we all do - when Hurricane Rita headed...

Noah's Ark - Secrets Revealed

Over twelve years ago, when Suzanne became involved in the field of Entertainment and attended her first scriptwriting group, she started writing the screenplay about Noah's Ark....

Ministering to LGBT Individuals & Family Members

As the population of LGBT Community Members increase in our country - sometimes even in our own family, Christians feel conflicted regarding communication with this culture. What is...

Season of Winter

Like climate change and unusual weather patterns, it seems in the Body of Christ that even in spiritual life, the cold and the warm are not what we are expecting. Discover how God...

The Power of the Hidden

When the whole world clamors for attention and we all so long to be desperately loved, how can we be like Christ who became such a public figure yet stayed so humble and had such a...

Using The Gifts Of The Spirit Daily

Working and ministering in the Entertainment Industry over the last fifteen years I had to either learn to listen to the Holy Spirit or be destroyed. Learn how to use the gifts God...

How God is using Entertainment to Speak Prophetically

Many believe that the Hollywood Industry is evil, but like so much in the world - God's hand is not slack to use anything in our lives to speak to His people. Hear how God is...

Using Drama and Entertainment for Social Issues

Christ used parables to speak truth. Now using the Entertainment Arts, we can also become living parables for His Kingdom. Hear how Christians use film to speak about social justice,...

How to use Entertainment to reach At-Risk Youth & Adults

We often hear that geniuses such as Einstein were poor students but how can we practically reach those students and adults who feel totally hopeless about succeeding in anything? Christ...

Healing Trauma through the Entertainment Arts

Though I homeschooled my children before I became active in the Film Industry, once I started helping students with Drama and Acting Classes - I discovered a healing balm for kids...

Discovering God's Heart in Hollywood

Taking me totally by surprise, God put me in the Film Industry fifteen years ago and today I am still totally amazed at all He is doing as I minister to young adults and professionals...

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