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Jeanne Brooks Recommendations

Submitted by Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg VA on Wednesday, Feb 10, 2016

Lisa Bryant - Director of Women's Life 2003 - 2015

On Topic

Jeanne Brooks cuts through the inspirational topics of the day and and engages audiences in a deep - practical - and life-changing manner. Jeanne shares her personal experiences and professional insights with the foundation of Scripture. Her message helps people discover freedom and grace by allowing God to heal their broken places.

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Ann Skalaski, Consultant

Jeanne understands grace and is able to communicate God's love for the broken effectively and with great compassion. She sees people in a different way; more like I imagine that Jesus sees them. She is a passionate and effective communicator, and an asset to any event or group.

Submitted by Millerblowers on Tuesday, Feb 09, 2016

Renee Holdren, women's ministry leader

We were very honored and blessed to have Dr Jeanne Brooks speak to our women at our annual Celebrate Womens Banquet last May. Her transparency and love for women spoke to our hearts! She kept our attention and delivered a powerful message.

Submitted by Rainbow Forest Baptist Church on Sunday, Jan 24, 2016