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Debra Moerke Recommendations

Submitted by Pouring Out Perfume Podcast on 09/12/2023

KaryAnn Wilcox Podcast Host & Creator

On Topic

When I interviewed Debra I had not yet heard her story or her testimony. I love to go into episodes just as the audience and learn about the speaker. Within minutes or meeting her I knew she was a light in this world. Her story was captivating and heartwarming. It is rare that I feel so much emotion in my guest's testimonies that I have to keep myself from crying, but with Debra's story there was so much of God's faithfulness and love throughout, it was so hard to hold it all in. She is a wonderful speaker, and I highly recommend her story! You will be inspired and humbled all at the same time. You will hear of God's amazing love and mercy and be encouraged by Debra's message of hope.

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Amy Altland, Photographer

Debra is simply an amazing and inspiring woman! She is authentic, heartfelt, biblically solid, humorous, energetic, and full of SO much wisdom and life experience! She is SO enjoyable to listen to and to learn from! I can not recommend her highly enough!

Submitted by Amy Elizabeth Photography on 09/02/2023

M. Lynn Mornar, Green River, Wyoming, Board Member

I am delighted to recommend Debra Moerke to the Christian Women Speakers. When I first heard Debra speak, I was struck by her passion and vision in developing the McKenzie Home. Additionally, her firm belief that God was leading her to fulfill this mission led me to support her in this endeavor, something I would not ordinarily do. But Debra’s unwavering faith touched me in a way that I have not felt in a very long time. She is an inspiration to all who hear her story of what motivated her to take on this challenge. I am blessed to have Debra in my life and feel that she will have a positive impact on anyone hearing how God has led her to make this world a better, kinder place.

Submitted by The Mckenzie Home on 08/31/2023

Brenda Szymczak

I've had the privilege of listening to Deb speak on several occasions- the most recent was at a women's conference at our church last spring. Deb is a very gifted speaker. Her life experiences are incredible and the way she glorifies God in every aspect of her unbelievable life is honorable. Every time she speaks, I am captivated by her stories and encouraged by her faith. She's a dynamic speaker but also a beautiful representation of what it looks like to trust Jesus Christ through trials, heartache and sorrow. Her love for the Lord is evident in the way she radiates His beauty and spurs others on to persevere with faith, hope and love.

Submitted by Cornerstone E-free Church on 08/31/2023

Darla Hagerty, board member

Deb is a dynamic and inspirational speaker. She knows her subject matter and frames it in interesting and engaging storylines which keep the listener focused throughout the entire presentation. I have been present for several of her speaking functions on varying subjects. She brings energy and enthusiasm to her subject matter and is professional to a fault.

Submitted by The Mckenzie Home on 08/28/2023

Lisa Parrish Event Manger for Global Leadership Summit in Casper Wyoming

Debra was a local spotlight speaker for this year's Global Leadership Summit. She was the perfect speaker for us this year with vast background in so many different areas of business' and non- profits. She is a very posed and engaging speaker. I had so many people come up to me after she spoke saying how much they loved hearing from her. I wish I could have her back every year.

Submitted by Highland Park Community Church on 08/28/2023

Susie True

I have known Debra for years. She is a genuine woman of God who effectively shares her message. Life isn't easy. Debra shares her difficult moments not masking the raw emotions and faith challenges she experiences. She is well spoken as she delivers engaging stories sprinkled with humor to ease the tension as her story unfolds. Biblical gems sparkle as she speaks. I highly recommend Debra Moerke.

Submitted by Powderhorn Ranch Hospitality on 08/28/2023

Kelly Hall

Debra Moerke has a powerful, jaw-dropping story which beautifully highlights the redemptive heart of God. Her messages of fierce forgiveness, deepest surrender, and God's unstoppable grace marked my life with fresh awe in the wonder-working power of our Savior. She is an excellent communicator and shines with a deep love for Jesus. Her interview on my podcast continues to be a favorite.

Submitted by Kellyhall.org; Founder And Host Of Unshakable Hope Podcast on 08/28/2023

Elishah McAvoy, President Elishah Oesch Productions

Debra is one of the most heartfelt and honest Christian speakers I have ever heard. She speaks openly about important issues like forgiveness, courage, and following God's lead even when it is hard. I was moved by what Debra had to say about finally trusting God and letting go of all the 'but what abouts' in her life and moreover in mine. It was inspiring and encouraging to hear a Christian speaker who really has suffered great loss and then gone on to build such great things to help others out of it. I would highly recommend Debra as a speaker for your next Christian event. She has passion, poise, and most of all heart in everything that she does. There will be no false 'pumping up of the audience.' There will be only the truth and the story of how courage, faith and the truth can truly set us all free.

Submitted by Elishah Oesch Productions on 08/28/2023

Sara Capasso

Debra spoke at our Women's Faithfulness Conference. She does a wonderful job of weaving Scripture and God's promises while talking about her personal experiences of suffering and trusting in Jesus. Debra is a gifted speaker and every time I have heard her speak, I walk away with a truth that grows my faith.

Submitted by Women's Ministry Team, Cornerstone Church on 08/28/2023

Chris Larramendy

I have had the privilege to hear and experience Debra’s speaking in many settings. She is truly an amazing speaker! I believe she captivates her audience as she draws them into the topic she is speaking on. God speaks to her in such an incredible exciting way which, in turn, flows over into the audience. You feel the Lords presence in and through her. She’s an engaging  Godly speaker and I would definitely recommend her. She would be a blessing to all! 

Submitted by Alcova Community Church on 08/27/2023

Janette Clausen, Director

Deb is refreshingly REAL in her speaking. She can make an eloquent message from tragedy, from heartache, and from elements of nature that we tend to dislike--such as mice.

Her personal nature is the basis for her speaking. So from the moment you meet her, through the end of her speech, and after the event, she is approachable, grace-filled, and engaging.

Submitted by Crossroads Of Crawford County on 08/27/2023

Margene Chew

I have heard Debra Moerke speak a number of times in the last several months. I have been impressed each time. I find her personable, genuine, engaging, and clear with her message. Others in the audience also appear to enjoy and benefit from her presentations as evidenced by their attention and the comments I hear afterwards.

Submitted by The Mckenzie Home on 08/26/2023

Dale Hampton

Debra is a gifted and effective speaker. She is very friendly, understandable and down-to-earth. She encourages her audience by sharing principles and wisdom from God’s Word in a very practical and memorable way. 

Submitted by Conference Attendee on 08/26/2023

Jonna Fenton, Secretary

Debra is such an inspiring speaker! She is relatable because she is real and transparent about her own life and experiences. She always adds enough humor to keep her audience engaged. Deb has a passion for reaching women and showing them the love of Christ. Once you have heard her speak, you will feel a forever connection to her. Debra also has an immense knowledge of the Bible. She is passionate about God’s word and has a scripture ready to share in any situation. She’s one of God’s warriors and I am blessed to know her. In my opinion, Debra would be an amazing addition to your organization!

Submitted by The Mckenzie Home on 08/26/2023

Neva Bodin

Debra Moerke is a speaker who connects with an audience in an effortless manner. While she speaks with knowledge and passion, she draws the audience into her topic with her warm personality. She conveys to her audience that they are important and that is why she is sharing with them. If she wants her listeners to participate in something she speaks about, they will want to participate. If they are seeking to learn more about a subject, they won’t be disappointed. She is poised, yet relaxed. Because of her myriad experiences, she is able to speak on a variety of issues.

Submitted by Author/writer on 08/26/2023

Lauree Benson

Debra is a dynamic and inspirational speaker. Her knowledge and ability to convey God’s principles impacts lives. 

Submitted by Retired Administrator Cfisd on 08/26/2023

Caleigh Grundhoffer - Executive Secretary

Debra is a natural when it comes to speaking regardless of the topic. She is knowledgeable regarding the Bible and truly lives by the word. As a speaker she is clear, confident, passionate, warm, humble, truthful, and concise. She is a loving, hardworking, passionate, kind, charismatic, Godly, and authentic woman by nature. She can present a speech she’s prepared with the above characteristics I listed but she can also demonstrate those same traits within a conversation or on the spot in any situation. She has the uncanny ability to connect with others and has a light about her that is infectious to those around her. I would highly recommend Debra as a speaker!

Submitted by Tree Of Life on 08/25/2023

Catherine Schroeder, Executive Director

It was such a joy to meet Debra Moerke. She is a beautiful, spiritual and grace filled speaker. I was blessed to heard her speak at the Crawford County Right to Life dinner in March, 2023! She truly made us think about the blessings in our own lives, and how we can also be a blessing to others.???????????? You can read her inspiring book, "Murder, Motherhood and Miraculous Grace" a story of her testimony about forgiveness and redemption, and how God can use us when we have deep relationship of faith and trust in him.
I hope one day to have her speak at one of our events. May God continue to bless her pro-love ministry! ????

Submitted by Gabriel's Corner Pregnancy Center on 08/25/2023

Angela Kay Haigler Associate Pastor / Associate Real Estate Broker

Debra’s speaking  is captivating.  The way she shares her life experiences while remaining steadfast to see others through the eyes & heart of Jesus even in painful moments, makes you stop & self evaluate your own heart & soul.  

Submitted by Associate Pastor Word Christian Fellowship Church Casper Wyoming. on 08/25/2023

Sandra Meyerson, Retired Educator

     Debra Moerke is one of the best public speakers I know.  Being in public education for 34 years I believe I am able to make that statement having quite a basis for comparison.
      I remember the first time I heard Debra speak I could not believe her confidence, humor,attention to detail and ability to keep the audience in the palm of her hand.
     Debra could be a mentor to novice speakers and she would also learn from the established, professional speakers.

Submitted by Cactus High School on 08/25/2023

Deanna Cotten - Business Coach and Consultant

I felt so free when I left the room! Debra is gifted at capturing the audience though the art of story. She literally breathed life into Biblical stories and showed how relevant it was to me as a leader today. Her talk was completely inspirational and transformative. Every insight shared from the stage was rooted in Biblical counsel and practical application. I walked away from the event with a renewed understanding of who I am as a leader and feeling at peace with growing as the Lord has called me to. 

Submitted by Business Builders Llc on 08/25/2023

Gayle M. Irwin - Freelance Writer and Author

I've heard Debra speak at several events, including Vital Network, a branch of Stonecroft Ministries (https://www.stonecroft.org/). She is articulate, encouraging, vibrant, and passionate about women living their Godly purpose and walking closely with Jesus. She has lived through tremendous trials, and she openly shares her testimony and lives out her faith. She has been a leader in the Casper, Wyoming community, from starting a pregnancy resource center and leading in her career of real estate, and she is living out another leadership role as a non-profit director of a home for single mothers and their children. Debra is a gifted and engaging presenter and a wonderful and talented author who has a big heart for women and families. I highly recommend her as an event speaker!

Submitted by Waggin' Tales Inspirational Pet Stories on 08/25/2023