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Healthy Living: One Decision at a Time

Healthy Living: One Decision at a Time

Healthy Talk Starts from a Healthy Faith


Emotional health is made evident through healthy verbal responses. Healthy responses are those that have been submitted to the Holy Spirit, thus making it a "Spirit-led" response rather than a "self-led" response. Our self-led responses are based purely on emotion and can often be damaging to ourselves and others. Spirit-led responses are filtered through three spiritual components: compassion, grace, and curiosity. Rather than leading to a "knee jerk" reaction, these spiritual components, through which we should filter our responses, lead to loving others well, extending forgiveness, and better understanding of those to whom we are responding.

Healthy Living Grows One Choice at a Time


The key to healthy living is in the power of one. Do just one thing. Make a singular change in your life. Add one glass of water, eat one vegetable, do one exercise, or go for a walk daily. Choose one. Just one. Continue that one thing until it’s no longer a thing, and then do just another one thing, repeating the process. Doing just one thing improves your physical and emotional health and doesn't overwhelm your mind. This strategy will deliver results that last with low exertion. For permanent, sustainable healthy living, do just one thing.

Clearing Clutter for a Better Focus


I wonder if you're like me? I simply can't function with too much stuff in my visual field. Whether it's my email, the surface of my virtual/physical desk or clutter around the space I'm working in, it's necessary for me to clear off the items I don't need. I need to either dispose of them or put them away. If I do this consistently before the clutter takes over, it's manageable. I literally feel myself relax, and I'm able to carry on with my tasks with a clear focus.

One Word from God....


During the last year-and-a-half of my daughter’s life (with serious heart issues) and after her death, I often allowed sweets to be my comfort. My weight went up, which caused other health problems as well. One day as I was opening the cupboard to find a snack, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to, “Stop, walk away, and pray.” This phrase has saved me many times now, reminding me to turn to Him instead. Sometimes it's just one word from the Lord that changes everything. 

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