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Sue Bowles

Christian Speaker
Pataskala Ohio 43062

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You only have to be a step ahead to help the person behind you.

You only have to be a step ahead to help the person behind you.

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Pataskala, OH 43062
United States of America

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Grove City Church of the Nazarene
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More About Sue Bowles

Sue Bowles is a survivor turned thriver as an award-winning author, speaker and Master Certified Life Coach. Weaving together personal stories of evil-redeemed-for-good and God's truth about us, you will feel safe to experience Jesus healing your wounds  turning them into stories of hope, for yourself and for others. 


Having done the hard work of healing from a childhood rape, an eating disorder, other sexual assaults, and considering suicide, Sue now defines the effect the life-altering events have on her. The events no longer define Sue; she defines them.

“You only have to be a step ahead to help the person behind you” is the bedrock to the value Sue brings. She founded My Step Ahead and is the “Chief Instigator” behind the new Dare to Believe Movement, whose purpose is to nurture others to ‘dare to believe that you matter,’ knowing that nothing changes until that bedrock belief is solidified.

Whether speaking on a podcast, a stage, or one-on-one, Sue's enthusiasm is contagious, shining the light of hope wherever the listener needs.

Sue's award-winning first book, "This Much I Know...The Space Between" is available on Amazon and Kindle.

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Sue Bowles Speaking Topics

Dare to Believe!

One question, and your answer makes all the difference! Do you believe that you matter? Permanent, God-honoring change does not occur until this question is settled in your heart....

Who Am I...Really?

Our true identity is more than what we do. Our actions founded on our values become an expression of our true identity. Discover the deeper things of you and reconnect with what matters...

The Inside Life of an Eating Disorder

How can we effectively express concern for someone’s eating behavior? What’s fact and what’s fiction about eating disorders? Sue Bowles shares her story of recovering...

Navigating the Space Between: Shining Light Along the Way

The space between wounded and healed can leave us feeling adrift. The audience will be touched, inspired, encouraged, and motivated in their journeys with the truth ‘you only...

Behind the Mask: Seeing the Unseen

Who are you behind the mask, and are you willing to risk taking the next step toward being seen for who you really are? Audiences leave with actionable steps to increase their safety...

45 Minutes in Time: Life's Defining Moments

What if the power in making a difference lies in the defining moments which now hold you hostage? Your audience will leave hopeful, empowered, and equipped to take the next step in...

Sue Bowles Events

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Sue Bowles Resources

The Gospel Effect Podcast

Join us as we talk authentic, maskless living, breaking free of the masks we wear trying to make others believe we have no problems. ...

Posted by Sue Bowles on 10/18/2022

This Much I Know...The Space Between

Life hurts, and layers of hurt leave us feeling beyond help. Yet, the human spirit won't let us quit. So how do we navigate the distance between hurt and healing?  In "This Much I Know...The Space Between," Sue Bowles shares her pursuit of healing from childhood sexual abuse and other traumas resulting in an eating disorder, constantly struggling to answer the question "Why?" "When we're talking about our stories, the space between is that gap, that time of questioning and anger and confusion and doubt and...whatever else you can think of. It's the...

Posted by Sue Bowles on 10/08/2022