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Expand Your Reach: Podcasting Tips

Expand Your Reach: Podcasting Tips

Consistency is Key


I have been podcasting for more than seven years, but not always consistently. Before the consistency, and central to it all, has been the passion. Through lost recordings, messed up audio, and even un-aired episodes, passion for my subject matter got me through the difficult times. I had no idea I would still be podcasting seven years later, and still be passionate about my subject matter, but I am. You may not be passionate about every episode, but passion about the subject matter will keep you going. And then that passion will come through in each episode. Be consistent, be passionate.

Show Gratitude


Meet Arlene Pelican

I interview marriage and parenting people for my Happy Home podcast and I've found a simple yet unique way to show appreciation for their time. After each interview, I write a hand written card (that's different now!) and enclose a $5 Starbucks gift card. Many times people will say, "You're the only podcast host that's ever done that!" It's a fun and memorable way to say thank you and it doesn't break the bank.

Share Broadly


With all the time you spend putting together your show, you want to make sure it reaches as many people as possible, so add it to every podcast platform you can find. If you have a radio or TV show, seek out every available station that might be interested. While you may not be able to break into the bigger networks, you can find plenty of small stations hungry for content. Each platform or stations represents individuals being exposed to your message.

Your Voice: Your Unique Offering


"Is podcasting worthwhile?" It's understandable that some would be skeptical as many entrepreneurs move into the podcasting arena. Even with AI technology on the rise, the one unique offering that has lasted the test of time is the human voice. Anyone can write, copy, or post a photo. Almost everything can be outsourced. But no one else has your voice. It is your unique offering, and if you are in leadership or ministry trying to share your story, you need to be using your voice. With a podcast your voice can be heard by any woman, anytime, anywhere in the world.

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