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Posted by Cookie White on 05/15/2017

Why Jesus? Why Now? The Relevance of Christianity in the Twenty-First Century

Are you disillusioned with the state of Christianity in an increasingly isolating, brutal, and morally ambiguous world? Does the church seem like a failed experiment? Do you wonder whether God is even listening? If so, you’re in good company, and Cookie White’s new Bible study guide will pull you into a compelling conversation about maintaining a relevant faith in the twenty-first century.

The eleven chapters in this guide are based on real questions from real people, including the following:

  • Do heaven and hell really exist?
  • Is there really only one way to heaven?
  • Why does God seem to answer some prayers but not others?
  • Is a sense of morality woven into my DNA, or is it based on my circumstances?
  • What does scripture say about alternative lifestyles?
  • If all I want to do is love God, do I need to talk about the sin issue?
  • Why do I need Jesus? Why now?

Using primary source documents and sound commentary, Cookie answers all these and more.

In a seemingly arbitrary and harsh reality, Why Jesus? Why Now? offers something uniquely optimistic: hope in a God who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and whose love—unlike the times—is unchanging.

The doctrines and messages spelled out in the Bible—a book written thousands of years ago—can’t possibly be workable and relevant in our lives today.

Or can they?

In an unapologetic yet uplifting take on the contemporary church, Cookie White addresses the infallibility and inerrancy of the Bible—God’s love letter to his children and his means of answering the burning questions written on our hearts.

Why Jesus? Why Now? will reignite your passion for scripture and help you defend your faith, whether you’re a seminary student, a disenchanted millennial in a spiritual dry spell, or someone brand-new to the faith and questioning whether Jesus is even for you.

 Sometimes, like sheep, we don’t know we need a shepherd. We wander off, lost in a wilderness of doubt. God’s constant, unvarying Word is a steadying reminder that he’ll always bring us home, and he’ll always answer us when we call.

Review by a couple using the book as a devotional:

"We both have enjoyed immensely your informative and from the heart words of a very wise biblical scholar...you!  Many times we find ourselves in deeper discussions following our reading of your book.  It is written so beautifully revealing the explanation of things we have personally questioned in regard to the Bible's Word.  Thank you so much for touching our lives.  God has a plan for our lives that can only be discovered as we travel the roads and gather in the rich graces God plants for us to find along the way.  Your written word is truly a gift to us.  May you continue with more spreading of your knowledge and explanations to those who are as fortunate as we to be allowed to discover these treasured books along life's way."  C.H. 

Why Jesus? Why Now? The Relevance of Christianity in the Twenty-First Century