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Mimi Majerus

Christian Speaker
Santa Rosa California

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“From radical rebellion to reckless obedience, the presence of Jesus changes everything!”

“From radical rebellion to reckless obedience, the presence of Jesus changes everything!”

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Santa Rosa, CA

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  • Salvation Date
  • 2000
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  • The Promise Center
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More About Mimi Majerus

Mimi has a captivating story to tell of her life of radical rebellion and the relentless pursuit of the God who wouldn’t let her go.

As a former prodigal, drug user, abortion worker, and single mother, Mimi ran from God, traveling roads that led to repeated brokenness and heartache. She embraced rebellion well, not just rejecting all things holy but had mastered defiance as a way of life. Experiencing the consequences of her poor choices and life's ups and downs, Mimi’s pain led her to run hard and fast from God. Until the day she ran straight into His love.

God’s relentless pursuit of His child broke through the darkness. Now experiencing the Father’s kindness, unable to ignore His voice, or escape from His love. She found not only forgiveness, she found out who she was as a child of God. His reckless Love for her evoked a response of obedience as a way of life to the God who rescued her.

 Mimi is now passionate to see hearts reconciled to the heart of the Father. She shares her life experiences with others, revealing the Truth that there is truly nowhere one can wander that is too far from the love of God. She speaks bold confidence over insecurities and encourages the faith of those who hear her speak. Her testimony of the unrelenting love and power of Jesus, her Holy-Spirit-led approach, knowledge of the Word, and prophetic application is inspiring and encouraging to all who meet her.

Radical transformation of a life fully surrendered to the King of our hearts is who Mimi is and what she will release to others.


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