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Karen Watson Recommendations

Submitted by Joy Of Life Ministries on 04/30/2017

Roderick Riley

On Topic

Karen (Sister K) is a dynamic speaker. She's easy to follow, the message is clear and she stays on point. Often she will interject life experiences which allows the listener to relate both their personal experiences but to also understand Karen's journey.

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Pastor Demetrius Watson

Karen is an exceptional wife and mother. Her brilliant mind for business has given her an edge among her peers and business acquaintances. She is very business savvy and has a unique way of relating to people. Her ability to produce excellent work on every job that she handles is admirable. I am extremely proud to be married to her and to have her be a partner with me in Ministry.

Submitted by New Fellowship Christian Church on 04/23/2024

Bishop Eric L. Butler

Missionary Karen Watson is a dynamic, anointed woman of God, who is dedicated to God, her family, her church and her ministry. She has excelled in the business world and brings that same focus of excellence to serving God and fulfilling her ministry. Her ministry of the Gospel is effective in its presentation and she uses simple, but real life examples to bring deliverance to God's people.

Submitted by Joy Of Life Ministries, Cogic on 12/07/2023

Michelle Grant

Mrs. Watson is a great speaker,teacher, boss and leader. I have known Mrs. Watson for over 5 years. Karen is very active in her church, church activities, family, community and her StandFast conference that she has been doing for over 5 years. I am honored to have met such a wonderful person. I recommend Karen Watson as speaker.

Submitted by Standfast Conference on 02/07/2023

Merial Davis

Karen Watson, is an anointed woman of God with a genuine heart for the women of God. Her noble character exudes wisdom and understanding. She empowers and encourages through her own life experiences, while demonstrating and upholding biblical principles.

Submitted by Joy Of Life Ministries on 01/18/2022

Yvette Lawson

Karen Watson is a phenomenal speaker in both the professional and spiritual spectrums. She is very engaging with her audience and prepares thoroughly for each speaking engagement. Her natural humor and real life examples keep you connected to her message and theme. Most importantly, Karen is a woman of God who is authentic in her delivery, teaches straight biblical principles and relays what is given to her from God to share with the people. It is such a blessing to be under her teaching at any time for any conference or engagement.

Submitted by Cogic on 03/27/2018

Deaconess Missionary Simaira Anderson

Karen partners with the wisdom of God. When she speaks God's words is confirmed. She has the gift of administration.

Submitted by C.o.g.i.c on 06/22/2017

Benjamin Oppong Assistant Director of Admissions

Karen Watson is very articulate and knowledgeable in the Bible and her Ministry has affected many lives both local and overseas. Karen is very humble and eager to learn new things from other Minister. Karen is trustworthy, accountable and responsible in all aspect of God's Ministry.

Submitted by Georgia Regional Hospital on 04/28/2017

Cynthia L. Butler, Co Pastor

I count it a privilege to speak on behalf of Mrs. Karen Watson. Mrs. Watson is a dynamic, caring woman of God. Her ministry has been impacting lives and inspiring dreams of young women everywhere she goes. I have had the opportunity to watch her ministry grow and blossom and I am excited about where the Lord is leading her. Sis. Karen serves with me as assistant to our Women of Excellence women’s ministry at Joy of Life Ministries. She helps nurture the spiritual growth and ministry development of the women in our church. Her powerful ministry of the word has echoed in the lives of those who have heard and we are excited that her recent publishing of her book allows her to reach so many more lives. She is a licensed evangelist of the Church of God in Christ organization. She also serves as the first woman state treasurer for our Nebraska Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ. It is indeed my blessing to know and work with this anointed woman in the service of the Lord.

Submitted by Joy Of Life Ministries, Inc. on 11/01/2015