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Stephanie Hover Recommendations

Submitted by Significant Solutions on 03/28/2024

Gaye Lindfors, Inspirational Speaker

On Topic

Stephanie provides a valuable service. She is helpful, professional, warm, and wonderful to work with. You will enjoy working with Stephanie!

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Annamarie Altomare

I love Stephanie because she is a vibrant and uplifting speaker. She is not afraid to be honest and open, combining anecdotal humor to her talks.

Submitted by Anna Talks, Llc on 09/12/2022

Julie Lundgren

Stephanie Hover is very warm and welcoming, professional and focused all while she maintains a fun attitude.

Submitted by Event Coordinator on 09/09/2021

Lorraine Whoberry, Founder

"For several years, the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation has been honored to work with Stephanie Hover. She has been a blessing and her professionalism exemplary.
Lorraine Whoberry
S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation"

Submitted by S.t.a.c.i.e. Foundation on 10/30/2015