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Ginny Dent Brant Recommendations

Submitted by Louisiana College on 09/14/2023

Dr. Rick Brewer, President

On Topic

With humor, historical facts, and Scripture, Ginny Dent Brant brings a
compelling story of forgiveness and redemption that will resonate with
your students.

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Susan Chagrin, Retreat Chair

We've had nothing but rave reviews and women at our church are still talking about what they learned at this retreat. Ginny's message met many needs.

Submitted by First Baptist Mount Pleasant on 09/25/2023

Jack Moore, Pastor

Like her late father, Harry Dent, Ginny Dent Brant is a highly skilled communicator of God's Word. She is a wonderful student and teacher of God's Word. It's always a joy to have Ginny speak at our church and share in song and message.

Submitted by Charleston Baptist Church on 09/07/2023

Dick Jensen, President

Ginny was our featured speaker for First Foundations' 25th anniversary luncheon. Her message on the family was excellent and well-received. It is a pleasure to recommend Ginny as an inspiring speaker.

Submitted by First Foundations on 09/05/2023

Dr. Barb Bellefeuille, Provost

Ginny is a warm and engaging speaker. The story of her father's intriguing work and spiritual transformation captivated our students and challenged them to seek God's will first in their lives.

Submitted by Toccoa Falls College on 09/04/2023

Dr. Harris and Phyllis Malcom, Kirk's Cameron's Parents in the Fireproof Movie

Ginny is a southern lady and an excellent speaker who will bless you immensely as she shares her amazing father-daughter faith journey. When she speaks, shouts of freedom call from a platform of a strong political heritage and solid Christian faith. She knows what she believes, why she believes, and communicates conservative, traditional, and family values to her audience. We had the privilege of hearing her speak at a Hawaii Baptist Convention Event. We have known Ginny for 30 years. She has a heart for the world.

Submitted by State Missionary To Pastors For Georgia Baptist Convention on 09/01/2023

Faith E. Richardson, Author

Ginny was a guest speaker for our small town writers group, Wolf Creek Christian Writers Network (WCCWN). She shared inspirational stories about her battle with cancer and how she beat it. I ordered her book, Unleash Your God-Given Healing, and read it with a friend over the course of a month. It is full of intriguing information and helps get your mind set on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.

Submitted by Wccwn on 08/30/2023

Pam Blume, Director

Our ladies exclaimed, "Best speaker we've ever had!" Ginny is captivating, dynamic, and personable. Her father-daughter remarkable story of transformation to faith and missions will inspire any great commission church.

Submitted by Mt. Vernon Baptist Women's Ministry on 08/30/2023

Betty J. Slade, Advisor

Ginny Dent Brant spoke to the Wolf Creek Christian Writers' Network. She was  entertaining. prepared, professional, and full of life. I loved how she used the Yellow Brick Road to explain her book about her dad. A very hard subject to write about, but she stayed  authentic and honest.  30 Christian writers all agreed they want to have her come and speak again to our group.I highly recommend Ginny.

Submitted by Wold Creek Christian Writers' Network Wccwn on 08/29/2023

Claudia Cantrell, Speaker

Ginny Dent Brant is an amazing woman, speaker, and author. Recently, I had the opportunity to be on the platform with her for a women’s retreat. Ginny has overcome many obstacles throughout her life that have led her closer and closer to her Lord, including cancer, being extremely shy and introverted, and even Watergate! Hearing her tell of her childhood in Washington, D.C. as the daughter of a man who served a US Senator and 3 US Presidents is fascinating. Interestingly, she experienced Watergate as well and saw it through her father’s eyes. Her faith has grown immensely through her trials. It was so refreshing to hear her transparency as she described her struggle with cancer and how God’s presence sustained her. Her mission is to share Him wherever He leads. Ginny is an accomplished conference speaker who shares her love of God and His faithfulness to His children and to His promises.

Submitted by Certified Professional Coach And Speaker At Claudia Cantrell, Inc. on 08/28/2023

Mary Lynn Crider, Director

It was an honor to have Ginny at our MLC Ladies Retreats in Pigeon Forge. She offered great advice and was a very interesting speaker sharing with our group about her life experiences.

Submitted by Mlc Retreats on 08/26/2023