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Esther Hughes Recommendations

Submitted by Breakpoint Community Church on 03/28/2024

Michele Tucker, Event Coordinator

On Topic

Esther's presentation of tender humor, motivating scripture and humble honesty engaged the audience. Esther's love for Jesus Christ and the strength she draws from Him is an inspiration to us all.

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Helen Wolf, Meet The Authors Class

Hearing Esther speak can change your attitude at a crossroad in your life, and make a difference for you. Inspiring!

Submitted by Delaware Valley College on 11/15/2023

Pastor Joel MacDonald, Senior Pastor

Esther brings a fresh, genuine character to her public presentation. She has a relationship of integrity with the Lord. I have no question of not only the validity but the vibrancy of her relationship and walk with the Lord. Others are drawn to her because of the inner strength and sincerity she offers. With all of her capabilities, Esther is not impressed with herself. Her desires for speaking come from a passion for communicating a message that will help others. Esther will bring to each engagement a sincere character and confidence of grace.

Submitted by Southwood Baptist Church on 10/30/2015

Mrs. Sharon Porreca, Chair for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life

Esther volunteered to help me with the American Cancer Society Relay for Life in our hometown. When I asked her to be our Survivor Speaker for the event, she hesitated slightly, because she was not even a one year survivor yet, but in the next breath agreed to speak. As she spoke before approximately 800 people there was not another sound, but her voice. Since that night, I have heard Esther speak on two other occasions. Her talk is always different and as I listen, I look around at the captivated audiences who sense the sincerity behind her every word. Esther has a gift to give everyone who will listen, age is not a factor.

Submitted by American Cancer Society on 10/30/2015