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Karen Duffy Recommendations

Submitted by St. Louis Christian College on 01/21/2020

Cheyenne, Former Student

On Topic

I had the pleasure of having Karen Duffy as a college professor, and she is such a role model. Not only did I see her speak in a classroom setting, but a chapel setting, as well. The entire college attended this service, and it always made my day to hear her speak. She’s very clear, encouraging, inspiring, and you leave challenged. I highly recommend her for any setting.

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Ashley & Student

I’ve heard Karen speak multiple times in various settings. She always captures the audience attention in such a way you’ll never be the same. If your looking for spiritual growth and/or inspiration look no further she has you covered.

Submitted by Church on 01/19/2024

Amy Ruff, Women's Ministry Leader

Karen is an excellent teacher, communicator and brought all of herself to share with the women. Her thoughts reflected much study, a love for the Word of God and a heart for women - the same qualities I have seen and have experienced in the teaching of Beth Moore. We were all blessed beyond our expectations at the depth of insight and wisdom of her teaching.

Submitted by Northside Christian Church on 11/23/2022

Ally Keaton Program Director

Karen is a dynamic, biblical and relatable speaker who I thoroughly enjoy listening to! Having heard her speak on a variety of occasions, she's definitely at the top of my list! Whether she's sharing her adventures in the rainforest or about God's goodness midst tragedy in her own personal testimony, Karen is captivating and leaves you wanting to hear more! If you're looking for a speaker for your next women's event or someone to help you think outside the box about how God can use just one woman, I HIGHLY encourage you to book Karen!

Submitted by The Global Village Project on 08/08/2022

Faith Trussell, Director, Women's Ministries

Karen was extremely well received by our women, as well as by the entire church, after she spoke at our annual women's conference, and then in our Sunday morning services. She ignited a passion for living with purpose in light of eternity. She has come through a life of suffering to a place where God is using her mightily, but she doesn't use her time talking about herself or her own story... her presentations are fully of teaching the Word and biblical principles. She connects with her hearers both while she is speaking and off the stage, when she endears herself to people through her authentic, down-to-earth relationship skills. I highly recommend Karen as a speaker for any event!

Submitted by Church Of God Holiness on 03/23/2022

Elizabeth Schafer

Karen is such a wonderful and gifted speaker...humorous, scholarly, open, and gentle all at the same time. She really made a great impression!

Submitted by Christview Christian Church, Ladies Group on 02/08/2022

Douglas Lay, Pastor And Professor

Karen is a profoundly gifted and eloquently engaging speaker, an experienced and knowledgeable educator, and a passionate and authentic Christian leader. As co- workers at a Christian college for 15 years, I have observed first-hand Karen’s balance of academic excellence with spiritual persuasiveness.

Submitted by Everyday Fellowship Church & Mckendree University on 10/29/2021

Melinda Brown, Women's Minister

This speaker is top-notched. She is on fire for the Lord and brings her enthusiasm and depth of Biblical insight to each session!

Submitted by Karen Duffy on 10/09/2021

Trish Walls

I think Karen Duffy is one of the best speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to. She was one of my Professors at Saint Louis Christian College and her class was one that I always looked forward to attending. Karen has a unique way of engaging you in what she is talking about. She brought events in the bible as well as world history to you in such a way that you can see in your mind what went on. A class that I was not interested in taking, she made very enjoyable. I could see in my mind what she was saying.

Submitted by Faith Covenant Ministries on 07/06/2021

Betty Kramer

"Many guests were not regular church attenders. God used you to bring joy, fun, and humor to draw them back to His church family. You blessed us all with your spirit."

Submitted by First Christian Church on 04/01/2020

Pat Merrold, Minister's Wife

The genuineness of Karen's convictions are so apparent as she speaks. Her understanding of the beauty of scripture is so powerful and deep.

Submitted by Harvester Christian Church on 02/05/2020

Heather Gustafson, Leasing and Marketing Professional

I consider Karen Duffy one the most eloquent speakers and teachers I have ever met. She engages each generation with every word. As a favorite amongst the students of our college, she was able to enrich each person's knowledge while also challenging them to pursue their dreams and hopes.
Personally, Karen Duffy encouraged me to pursue public speaking when others did not because I am female. She taught me strength, encouraged me to follow through, and because of her I did not give up.
I often think back on the sermons she preached, the lessons she taught, and stories she told. I believe they were formative in who I became as an adult.
I trust her to always tell me the truth about scripture and to always leave me wanting more knowledge of God's word.

Submitted by Lincoln Property on 01/29/2020

Barbara Corry, M.Ed.

I have had the privilege of hearing Karen Duffy speak at 4 ladies' conferences. She is not only knowledgeable of the subject, but is able to captivate her audiences. She was, by far, the most popular speaker at these conferences. Karen Duffy is also very approachable and willing to give of her time long after her presentation is over. She is a gracious and humble person; a fine example of a Christian woman. Any organization that engages her as a speaker will invite her back time and time again. Although I did not know her when I first heard her speak, over the years we have become friends. I now consider her one of my dearest Christian friends, and am thankful the Lord has put her in my life.

Submitted by Reflections Of History on 01/28/2020

Dr. Billy W. Jones

Ms. Duffy, I learned a number of years ago, is a serious scholar, an adept public speaker and a person of integrity and deep spiritual awareness.

Submitted by Retired College Professor on 01/21/2020

Deborah A. Robertson

Karen is a prime example of someone who walks their talk. She is an exemplary public speaker and has knowledge of a wide range of topics. I've personally attended several of her speaking engagements. Audiences were listening and exchanged. I highly recommend her for CHRISTIAN WOMEN SPEAKERS.

Submitted by Ymca on 01/21/2020

Mary Burns / Reception

I have had the pleasure of attending several of Karen's speaking engagements. When i leave, the question foremost in my mind is, when is the next one? Karen's sessions are enlightening, engaging, professional and humorous. Her research is thorough. She approaches her subjects from a new angle which brings a fresh approach. I highly recommend attending one of her speaker sessions.

Submitted by Law Firm on 01/21/2020

Mary Anna Fedoroff

I’ve heard Karen speak many times over the years at Christian as well as secular events. She always comes prepared, with an excellent knowledge of her subject, and presents with great clarity. She has the ability to relate to and connect with her audience in all types of situations. You will not be disappointed!

Submitted by Personal Friend on 01/21/2020

Jan Fordyce

Karen is a highly intelligent, gifted communicator with excellent social skills and insight. She never disappoints in her presentations!

Submitted by None (personal Friend) on 01/20/2020