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Stephanie Henderson Recommendations

Submitted by Messenger Of Hope, Turrialba, Costa Rica on 11/15/2023

Pastor Godwall Martinez, Lead Pastor

On Topic

"Stephanie is so precious! She is anointed, powerful and loves people with all of her heart. Even with cultural differences, the people of Costa Rica feel that she “belongs” to them and cannot wait for her annual conference! Stephanie loves to see people come to know Jesus, be healed from their past hurts and enjoys personal ministry outside the conferences as well. Her conferences are the largest in our area, she ministers to both women and men, and leaves a memorable experience which is pleasing to the Lord. Pastor Godwall and Ruth Martinez Messenger of Hope Church, Turrialba, Costa Rica"

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Pastor Jeff Powell, Lead Pastor

"I have been privileged to see firsthand how the Lord uses Stephanie and Deep Waters Ministries both in the United States and internationally. She operates from the deep well of God's anointing. The anointing on Stephanie's life is very powerful and prophetic to break the yoke and set the captives free! Stephanie does not play games, but draws on the anointing of the Holy Spirit to engage in true ministry to the deepest levels of a person’s heart. She has paid the price of God's high call - this is visibly evidenced anytime Stephanie speaks, writes, or prays! I personally have been touched by the Holy Spirit's anointing on her life and I have personally seen many others touched by it as well!"" Pastor Jeff and Jane Powell, Fellowship Church High Springs, Florida"

Submitted by Fellowship Church, High Springs, Fl on 05/19/2023

Tommye Hammel, Developer Of Training

"Stephanie is a delightful woman who is always smiling! She has the joy of the Lord as her strength, and it shows all the time. Her love for our Lord is so evident that it comes out in loving other people around her, whether or not she knows them. A desire to help other women have that same love for the Lord and grounding in His Word is in her heart. Stephanie's excitement about God is contagious. The courage she exhibits in trials is a testimony to women of all ages and situations in life. She wants other women to know that they, also, can be more than conquerors through our Lord, Jesus Christ."" Tommye Hammel. Developer of Training Precept Ministries, International"

Submitted by Precept Ministries on 01/12/2023