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RJ Jackson Recommendations

Submitted by Workshop Facilitator on 10/07/2022

Starla Porter, MA, CTC, Workshop Facilitator

On Topic

RJ presents a very complete, well rounded and exciting presentation. She has the innate ability to grab the attention of her audience right away, and she maintains that interest by sharing personal stories from her own journey. Her willingness to be transparent is what draws her audience captive to every life changing and encouraging word that she shares. RJ has proven to me that she genuinely cares about God's people, and she wonderfully provides tools for success that line up with Christian principles for living a healthy and whole life; spirit, soul and body!

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Pastor Dan Carroll, Senior Pastor

"It is with great admiration and a deep sense of honor that I write this letter. RJ Jackson is a member of my congregation at Water of Life Community Church in the Rancho Cucamonga / Fontana area of Southern California. RJ has a strong sense of destiny and purpose attached to all she does. She is committed to principles that give life to people. RJ's willingness to press into life in spite of difficult circumstances has given her a platform of integrity from which she speaks. Her ability to motivate and encourage others flows with passion. Her deep-hearted love for people is obvious and it is evident the moment she begins to speak. Not only is RJ articulate and thoughtful her message is accurate and life giving. We at Water of Life believe in RJ and we would encourage you to listen intently to her as she speaks passionate words of life into your circumstances."

Submitted by Water Of Life Community Church on 11/16/2023

Jean Cox-Turner, Adult Christian Woman Who Has Heard Her Speak

I've been blessed to have had the opportunity to hear RJ Jackson speak twice. Once in Savannah, Georgia at a business conference and at a Women's Empowerment Conference in San Bernadino, California. RJ allows the Lord to use her as a vessel to speak to men, women, as well as the youth in a way that motivates you to want to reach your fullest potential in Christ and in your personal life. When I heard her speak for the first time in Savannah, Georgia, the words that the Lord used her to speak motivated me to come home from that conference and self-publish my first book, "A Time To Testify." I laid aside every excuse I had for not being able to get my book published. She spoke strictly from the Word of God. Her seminars and workshops are always Bible based. All I can tell you is that when RJ speaks, people are "Motivated to Move!"

Submitted by Adult Christian Woman Who Has Heard Her Speak on 05/22/2023

Pfeiffer Tanesie Mrs

I recommend RJ Jackson as I know and follow her for some time. She is a very inspiring person.

Submitted by Christel Pfeiffer TaneĢsie on 03/07/2022

Desiree Paulk

I have known RJ for over 30 years and I had those many years to experience her dynamic presence. Rather it was personallyy, small groups or large audiences, she has inspired, encouraged and empower thousands of people with her exceptional ability to communicate with passion. Though her extensive , knowledge and humor, she's have undoubtedly changed and impacted the lives of many. Her wit and compassion has a special way to get her message straight to the hearts of all that hears. If you are looking for a purpose, uplifting, inspiring and pure speaker, I highly recommend RJ.

Submitted by Destiny Joy Inc. on 12/02/2021

Nancy Robles-Vigneau owner

I would ask you to consider RJ Jackson as one of your Christian Woman Speakers. I have had the blessed opportunity to listen to her speak on many occasions, we laugh, we cry but always leave better than when we came in. To my delight she gets better and better with time. Not only does she "wow" a room with her sincerity but does it with Jesus's heart. RJ speaks with honesty, integrity, and love. She encourages woman to their greatness but takes no credit. Giving God all the glory. I believe one of her biggest asset's is connecting women on a much deeper level, helping creating long term relationships. Healing from he inside out is also a huge gift she has, you see I have been her student and have seen the healing power God has blessed her with. She has a humbling transformation way about her. She has a huge following of men and women and we believe she should be one of your Christian Woman Speakers. Thank you for your time and consideration. Be blessed.

Submitted by Nancy Fancy Scarves on 04/02/2019

Mischella Colbert - JAFRA Beauty Advisor

RJ is a Beautiful Women of God. I have had the opportunity of being apart of her Conferences and Seminar Workshops over the years. I have learned and grown personally from them all. RJ is very transparent in her sharing and everyone that has heard her story is Blessed by it. Her personal testimony is inspiring. This last conference A Queen Fit for A King was Awesome! I have been sharing it with all my family and friends. I am so Thankful for meeting RJ and having her in my life. RJ is The Courage Giver!

Submitted by A More Beautiful You With Jafra Cosmetics on 03/20/2019

Alondra Site Supervisor II

I have had the pleasure of observing and engaging with Ms. RJ as a speaker, an author and facilitator over the span of many years. She lives up to being a courage giver, through her own life and the amazing things she do in her community as well as across the globe. If ever you have an opportunity to book her for an event, read one of her books, or take a class with her, do so immediately. She will leave you empowered and encouraged.

Submitted by Psd on 03/20/2019

Gia Darby

RJ Jackson is one of the most genuine beautifully sprited women I have ever been around. Her positive energy is contagious. I met her many years ago in Rialto Unified and over the years have seen her work with and engage students, teen girls, parents and women. She is truly a one of a kind motivational speaker and I have enjoyed being apart of some of her amazing events/programs for women as well as, having my daughter be apart of her programs/events for teen girls. RJ Jackson is a phenomenal woman with the blessing of God on her and she continues to shine that light by encouaging and uplifting others.

Submitted by Rusd on 03/19/2019