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Authenticity in Social Media

Authenticity in Social Media

Have Fun. Be Yourself.


Social media is my friend! My desire is to be authentic, personal, and encouraging, by sharing my “bump into God” moments. I use my own pictures, experiences, and thoughts to illustrate points from Scripture. Posting fun and family photos lets people know I’m “real,” just like them. My goal is to show people who I am … fun, crazy, and above all, a Jesus-lover. Commenting on others posts provides a personal connection with people and keeps my name visible. Sharing photos of speaking events lets them know they, too, can have “fun with Barb.”

Live Out Loud. No Apologies.


Christina Custodio

For years, I found myself living out who I wanted others to think I was. As I grew into adulthood, I found that practice to be exhausting and looked for a place of rest. I’ve found it by living out loud, authentically. I no longer hide or apologize for the woman God created me to be. I choose to use my gifts to love others and glorify Him. All I can be is the very best version of who He created me to be. I’ve been called for a purpose. Others’ objection to that woman is none of my business.

Negatives Need Not Dominate


For social media, my happy place is Twitter. I know—rare, right? I honestly love the conversational format. It can, however, get negative really fast. So I intentionally plan posts that center my mission with a positive spin. Mondays, I post some good things that happened in church. Wednesday’s are “What does this (insert “church” word) mean to you? And on Friday I ask people to imagine with me how church could be with a brainstorming question. Planning and focusing keep me on my mission and away from negativity.

Social Media Prayer Group


I launched a Moms In Prayer group at my church in Illinois. Over the summer, due to various challenges, we began meeting “virtually” each Saturday over Facebook Messenger. We are all busy Moms with school-age children, so we pray for one another’s children through texts that way each week. Illinois has a lot of challenges with its economy, schools, and beliefs as Christians. Having a prayer support group online over Facebook Messenger has been a wonderful tool and way to connect as Christian Moms in our community. I now live in Florida with my family, but I can tell you--it is possible to be authentic, powerful, and connected even through FB Messenger. 

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