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Add Mentoring to Your Women's Ministry

Add Mentoring to Your Women's Ministry

You First!


Tired, burnt out, overwhelmed? Sister, you gotta build a TRIBE! Developing a TEAM and being part of a mentoring COMMUNITY is essential to the lifeblood of every leader! This revelation hit me like a 2x4 as I was being admitted into the hospital with 30% lung capacity. The Lord asked, “Sweetheart, what would happen to the ministry if you never walked out of here?” Mic drop! I was doing EVERYTHING. So right then and there, in my hospital bed, I began writing job descriptions for every position at the Outreach Center. Sharing the load will renew your JOY for ministry--and equip you to take on new ministries (like mentoring, maybe!). 

Ask Questions


Jesus asked many questions like, "Who do you say that I am?" 

Questions are key to mentoring because they open minds and start discussions. The answers reveal the needs of the heart. 

As you consider adding a mentoring ministry, check out all the questions Jesus asked. 

I am not associated with this group, but one online resource to check out is, "135 Questions Jesus Asked" here: https://mondaymorningreview.wordpress.com/2010/05/14/137questionsjesusasked/

Be Specific


You may be hesitant to enter a mentoring relationship because you don’t know where to begin. I always ask: “What would you like to get out of our time together?” And “Are there specific changes you want to make in your life?” 

If you’ve never mentored before—that does not disqualify you. Find out what she’s looking for, and find a good study book—books are good because then you don’t have to feel like you are an expert! 

The most important aspect of mentoring is strengthening another’s walk with God. Make that the focus of each time together.

The Small Stuff Matters, Too


I know you are a Women's Ministry Leader, but I have mentored countless singers and speakers, and feel my examples below may help you ideate your mentoring relationships.

With your women, don't only address the big, spiritual stuff. Take into consideration the entire woman: spirit, body, and soul.

The more she relaxes into the little stuff, the more her relationship with God will grow. 

I start with, “How does your song or keynote look on the outside?” Here, I'm focusing their attention on practicing eye contact and relating to an audience. Little stuff. But, these surface-level thoughts lead to a more meaningful program where she can focus on the content.

Though it may not seem spiritual, I encourage them to plan their attire, hair, and makeup. This frees them to feel confident and focus all their attention on the performance or talk. 

Our with our mentees is to remind them to do their part so God can shine through them. They will experience peace and joy in their lives at a new level, when they aren't worrying about the small stuff.

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