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5 Keys to Leading with Grace

5 Keys to Leading with Grace

As you work with your women, as God's emissary, ambassador and flow through vessel, it's critical that you lead with grace. Here are 5 keys to keep in mind.

  1. Leading with grace requires a servant's heart. We are saved by grace, but we are also to live with grace. Philippians 2:1-11 gives us the pattern. The journey of a gracious leader follows Jesus’ example of being a servant leader, giving rather than receiving. 
  2. An effective, gracious leader looks to the interest of others, considering all aspects of a decision. In your planning meetings, ask questions to see how the event or program fits in with the purpose of your church:
    • How is Jesus lifted up?
    • Does it fit in with the vision and mission statements of your church and Women's Ministry?
    • Are there people to catch the vision, or will only a few carry out the work?
    • If a program doesn’t align with these questions, perhaps it is not the right time for it.
  3. Carve out time for prayer. This is critical for leading with grace. Include a specific prayer time at your leadership meetings where you learn to pray together. Plus, prayer builds unity.
  4. Listening is important for leading with grace, understanding the concerns and hopes of the women. One way is to create a survey, asking them what they desire in women’s ministry. Once the results are assembled, pray over them to discern how to proceed. 
  5. Finally, be to be a grace giver in every situation, we need to be especially Spirit-filled when dealing with difficult people. Private conversations are key to extending the grace of forgiveness and patience.

The five keys to leading with grace are a) having a servant’s heart like Jesus', b) looking to the interests of others, c) praying, d) listening and e) being willing to forge through difficulties and forgive.


 Nancy Kay Grace is an author, speaker and blogger whose messages revolve around seeing God's grace in everyday life. Experience your self-worth from God's perspective and discover how to press on through tough times. Learn more at www.NancyKayGrace.com and invite Nancy Kay to share at your next women's event HERE

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