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Posted by Karen McCracken on 10/06/2023

Woman Stand Firm

Woman Stand Firm  - released in Sept. 2023 went straight to the top selling new releases on Amazon as well as hit the #1 top selling book in Christian Living and Counseling. This book is a fresh battle cry that educates, inspires and encourages women to pick up their armor and be prepared in the battle for their identity.

Many women are lost and hurting, wondering who they are and what their purpose is. We're often told we're not enough or that we're too much. Who we are has become dependent on what social media, changing cultural norms, and the world at large says women should be. The hurt we feel, the roles we play, titles we earn, and what we've been labeled, have become our identity. It's time to change that.

Woman stand firm is a call to all women to pick up their armor and fight against the enemy as he seeks to confuse, distract, and chip away at our true identities. In a world determined to tell us who and what we should be, we must learn that who and what we are can only be defined by the One who made us. 

Woman Stand Firm


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