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Posted by Evelyn Leite on 09/26/2022

Step Into the Light Podcast: Mental Health

Mental health is a pressing social concern in America. The symptoms, when untreated, destroy lives, tear families apart, and leave our children with deep emotional scars. Abuse, addiction, depression, divorce, and debt are just a few of the outcomes stemming from psychological problems and the inability to maintain stable relationships. 

Author and counselor Evelyn Leite is the founder of Living with Solutions and A Center for Training and Restoration. Evelyn has 25 years of experience in the addiction and mental health fields. She is highly regarded for her seminars in multicultural counseling and education. Evelyn specializes in issues with people from varying cultural and ethnic backgrounds. 

Evelyn holds a Master of Human Relations and is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a wide range of experience in chemical dependency, addictions, co-dependency, domestic, sexual and spiritual abuse. She is noted for her expertise in trauma resolution, anxiety and depression. 

A multi-published author, Evelyn's books are written to help people understand the disease of alcoholism and codependency. In addition, she has published several newspaper and magazine articles. 

Step Into the Light Podcast: Mental Health


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