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Posted by Shana Strange on 08/09/2019

Providence: Embrace Your Beautiful Destiny Book

When God gives you a dream, it doesn’t come with a manual. At first, the excitement and longing for the dream can drive you. Yet if you do not understand God’s process of preparing the dreamer for the dream and the true meaning of the seeds He plants, you can travel a disappointing, discouraging, and confusing path.

Dreams inspired by God require intense seasons of refinement, perseverance, and character development and whatever you must endure to reach His dream for you is outweighed by the glory of being changed by God in the most uncommon ways. Surely dreams are worth more than their weight in gold.

Along with powerful stories from her own life, Shana illustrates the life of Joseph, revealing key places embedded in our dream journeys. Providence will take you from the beginning stages of excitement and anticipation to seasons of testing, unfair circumstances, and character transformations; to the beautiful discovery of the power of worship and praise that lifts us from our wilderness wanderings into places of influence. Along the way God shapes us and changes our hearts to embrace the true dream He intended for us all along, culminating into a beautiful destiny—one that won’t leave us disappointed. 

Providence: Embrace Your Beautiful Destiny Book